*End Of Year List 1983 – 31st December 1983

Singles of 83
Conflict – To A Nation Of Animal Lovers
Conflict – The Serenade Is Dead

All-Time Single
Theatre of Hate – Legion/Original Sin

LPs of 83
MDC – Millions of Dead Cops
VA – Son of Oi!
Kraut – An Adjustment To Society
Black Flag – Everything Went Black
VA – Rat Music For Rat People

All-Time LP
Black Flag – Damaged

Tracks of 83
MDC – American Achievements
Newtown Neurotics/Attila – Mindless Violence/Andy’s A Corporatist
Red Alert – Industrial Slide
Social Distortion – Moral Threat
Conflict – Berkshire Cunt

All-Time Track
Theatre of Hate – Legion

Gigs of 83
Subhumans/Self Abuse/Parasites – 11th June
Endangered Species/Paradox – 12th June
Butcher/Confessions of Sin/Admass/Shock To The System/Self Abuse – 18th June
Cult Maniax/Screaming Dead/Butcher/Self Abuse – 26th Nov

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