*The Week That Was – 2nd January 1984

Records of the week: Violators – Live Fast Die Young, Red Alert – We’ve Got The Power, Plastmatics – New Hope For The Wretched

2nd January 1984
Group meeting at Justin’s – everyone got on alright I think. Me and Baldie had to get bus back to Wimborne cos Simon didn’t know he was supposed to take me back. It’s pissing down at the moment. Waiting for something exciting to happen.

30th Apr 2023 – Baldie was Gareth Balderson. I’d forgotten that he was in Simon’s year at school and a friend of his. In a few year’s time, he would be someone I would score hash off and he introduced me to the wonders of listening to Gong whilst stoned. Simon Bradbury was a couple of years older than Justin and me and was a loveable skinhead despite looking mean but I guess that is part of their fashion.

3rd January 1984
Cat’s feeling a bit lonely at the moment. I think I’ll cheer him up later. Grange Hill has started again. Been reading most of the day. Midnight Cowboy is on tonight. We’re in the middle of a power cut at the moment. I’ve just finished reading The Dark as well – ironic. Started Time Enough For Love.

4th January 1984
Apparently the cat has had an accident – he’s got a bad tail. Cat’s been looking pretty bad all day. Just finishing letter to Zoe at the mo’. Something happened today but I can’t remember what. Should have a practice on Sunday.

5th January 1984
There’s not a lot happening at the moment. I’m about to watch CHiPs. Justin doesn’t seem to know about a practice but wants everyone to come over. Andy wants to practice but wants to see the Subhumans on Saturday night in Andover. I might go with him.

6th January 1984
Got a new mattress today – thank god. Justin reckons there is no practice so it looks like it’ll have to be next Sunday. Should be able to go and see Subhumans now it Andy’s going. Not a lot else has been happening (as last Friday)

7th January 1984
Went to Poole in the afternoon again. Met Simon and Justin – had a laugh. Got back and found out Andy had called about the Subhumans. So, I couldn’t go. Found out there’s a gig on the 21st. Youth Brigade LP has come but didn’t buy it. Rosemary’s Baby and Don’t Go To Sleep were on – good.

8th January 1984
Got up 12. Reading most of the time. Went out and climbed trees. The Goodies was on. Andy called and said sorry but it wasn’t any good according to him. Been playing darts as well. Getting bored watching James Bond at the moment.

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