*The Week That Was – 23rd January 1984

Although the picture is of the Our Price store in Watford in 1984 the Poole store looked very similar.

Records of the week: Black Flag – Machine, Husker Du – Diane

23rd January 1984
Pretty boring compared to yesterday. Physics was quite a laugh. Had a go at Haywire. Mr Shithead Langridge wasn’t here, thank god. H.E. was alright – actually didn’t do fuck all today.

24th January 1984
The week seems to be going fast. Gave out my Christmas card – to 6 people. Got two detentions for being with smokers. Had a laugh in Games and on the bus home. Maybe asking Angie out tomorrow – don’t know yet.

25th January 1984
Wasn’t feeling too well this morning so I didn’t go to school. Was reading and playing records most of the day. Writing letters to Social Distortion and Youth Brigade. Rung Paul. Andy rang. Had a bath. Had a wank. Not a lot else.

26th January 1984
King’s birthday – doesn’t seem to be partying it up. Just been finishing some art – pretty good. Got tape recorder back and made tape of MT, YB, SD etc. Got my detention tomorrow. Not a lot happened today. Angie wasn’t here today. Liz eventually got my Christmas card. Started cleaning up my room. Wall fell down.

27th January 1984
Decided to give out pieces of my wall to people at school. Did my detention – Devon’s Dartmoor – great fun. Gave tape to Vince to borrow. Went down Gaunts with Beki – to get some chips. YUK. Went down club afterwards – saw Carolyn. Amanda wasn’t there.

28th January 1984
Went down Poole – got 3 books and Husker Du 12″. Saw Jim, Rich etc, went into L.F. Kings (?), got some grub. Saw Simon who just missed his girlfriend. Set off a smoke bomb in a lift. Nicked some Fruit Pastilles. Fisher got me a wallet. Did something bad in Our Price – took me records from behind the counter. Saw Chunks and Cracks In The Sidewalk.

29th January 1984
Woke up 20 to 1. Didn’t do much. Pissed off with Mum treating me like a kid. Walked the dog. Had a wank. Had a bath. Watched Brighton (2) v Liverpool (0). Read a bit more of my book. Demolish my wall tonight. Fuckin’ loads came off. Changed my room around

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