You Can Tell – 12th March 1988

You can tell yesterday was Sunday
Cos it’s Monday now today
You can tell that it’s no joke
But just the fun that I poke
You can tell that she is looking nice
But you won’t like her advice
You can tell that something is sin
It’s just something to do with feeling

12th Mar 2023 – Hardly genius but I never stopped writing and trying. Is ChatGPT genius? I asked it to make a better version and got this improvement:

Sunday’s past, and Monday’s here,
The week’s anew, let’s make it clear.
My playful jests, they may provoke,
But rest assured, it’s all in stroke.

She’s looking fine, a sight to see,
But heed her words with caution, be.
A feeling stirs, a hint of wrong,
But let it go, and sing a song.

Let me know your thoughts

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