Old Man Pissed In Pub – 17th March 1988

Saw something funny yesterday
An old man from yesteryear
Singing some old army songs
In one hand, a fag, in the other, a beer
And he resigns himself to reminisce
Sat in a pub just getting pissed
And the tears in his eyes
Come from the youngster’s jibes
They just think he’s an old man pissed as a fart
One thing that rings true, they’re worlds apart

17th Mar 2023 – A kind of clumsy story that still makes me marvel (marvel may be too strong a word here) at my imagination as these words are totally drawn from there; maybe initially inspired just by a memory of an old man in a pub. In England, there was still a stereotype of old men sitting in pubs reminiscing about the war. There’s a strange comfort in this image for me. Being considered an old man myself now, I wonder if this stereotype still holds some truth. I have to imagine there are still old men sitting in pubs reminiscing about the miners’ strikes and Thatcher-era policies.

Let me know your thoughts

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