Poems on this day – 16th May 1988

I Crawl

I crawled my way through the mess of my day
I crawled by, hey, just to think about yesterday
I crawled by more of those shifting souls
I crawled at last to see your endless goals


Gifted I maybe
But I’m not one to boast
I am not your god
This is not my ghost
God gifted me my divine
I just watched the dividing line
I will stand down below
Cos I don’t want your halo


You say my music sucks
And so you don’t like me
My music is more important than you
That’s my belief
You’d like to judge me
On what I listen to
But I’ll listen to any music
Rather than listen to you
You can run away
Cos I’m on the underground
But honey, listen
Music makes the world go round

That Cloud

A panorama of bricks and mortar
I look up and question why
I can see that cloud
That is my sky
It is shaped like my trouble
Pushing and shoving and wandering by
I can see that cloud that is my sky

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