Poems on this day – 19th June 1988

Drink To Forget

You were just too damn clever
I drink to forget
Now I can’t remember
What I’m trying to forget

Ginseng Lover

One day I’ll be at peace
Before I go to pieces
All my pain will disappear
Bodily function ceases
No cause for alarm
Ginseng lover
You’re walking my way
Might as well kick it over

What Are Friends For?

What are friends for?
When your parents are away
And you party all night and day
They’re going to smash up your place
That’s what friends are for
If there’s a secret
Don’t ask a friend to keep it
All rumours are bullshit
That’s what friends are for

A Pile Of Stones

Who would think that
A pile of stones
Could cause all this trouble
Police presence double
This year no Glastonbury
Weather forecast sunny
If only ancient man could see
He’d find it really funny
June twenty first
Eighty eight
Could be last and worst
And just too late

Peachy Keen

Hi, my name is Peachy Keen
I am this year’s carnival queen
You can enter into my dream
If you ever run out of steam

Let me know your thoughts

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