Poems on this day – 5th September 1988

Park Bench

Do you remember those drunken nights?
Had to break up your friends having fights
Shaking hands after and sharing another beer
Waiting for your girlfriends to appear
In the summer of ’87
You found what seemed and ideal heaven
When you look back you can feel sad
But remember all the good times you had

Religious Experience

Do I need your belief
To make me a good man?
Can I have your opinion
Just like your followers can?
Don’t give me blatant untruths
You cannot force something like faith
It should come from within yourself
A religious experience on my own terms
Not the ideas of someone else
From experience one learns


Green in a greeny sort of way
Very tempting or so some might say
Funny how it came about
Just came from inside out

Let me know your thoughts

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