Poems on this day – 19th September 1988

Noisy Bastard Car

Twin carburettor, chocking fumes
Leather seats and furry wheel
Noisy bastard car consumes
More than you can see or feel
Jeez, I’m exhausted
Where’s my money gone?
Now my go-faster stripes
Have come undone

I Had A Feeling

I had a feeling I was on fire
I had a feeling I was burning alive
I wanted someone to put me out
To have a feeling I could survive

Harold Is A Wanker

Harold Bishop is a wanker
Herman Munster is a dick
Bergerac just isn’t funny
Blue Peter just makes me sick
Harold Bishop, we blame you
Cos we know you’ll take the blame
Why bother to watch another episode
When it really is just the same.

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