Poems on this day – 24th October 1988

Heaven is a Slag

This sure ain’t my idea of paradise
If this is heaven, it sure is a slag           
All those promises sounded so nice       
But I get the feeling I’ve been had

This is Great

This is bigger than the both of us
We just operate with minimum fuss      
This is great, at least I think it is           
This is great, at least it should be          
That is what you told me         
Now you’ve got a hold of me


I stood on your doorstep
Thought I’d been here before   
For a second I wasn’t sure       
So I knocked on the door        
Come on in, you said  
I left the doorstep behind        
And warmth and comfort I did find       
These crazy ideas are just in my mind


Have you a concept
Of the vastness of the planet?   
There’s just so many things going on     
I don’t understand how can it?  
My own world is so small       
And so is yours as well           
I wonder if it will be like this   
In either heaven or hell?

Gravity Time

This picture isn’t moving
But everything is living          
They are just hanging up there
Just hanging in the air
You can watch your friends die
In slow motion          
The blink of an eye    
Could be no motion  
And it could last forever

Mr Wonderful

Hey, did I ever tell you how good you were?
Did I ever mention about your lovely hair?      
You know your girlfriends are always the best    
All of this and don’t forget the rest        
Did I ever tell you you’re Mr Wonderful?           
No? I guess I just forgot

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