Poems on this day – 7th November 1988

Naked Tree

It’s autumn and it’s cold again
All around is yellow and golden brown  
And soon the trees will stand naked      
As its’ leaves tumble towards the ground

November 5th

Off we go to the fireworks show
Watch the fire as it starts to glow          
See the explosions in the sky   
Watch the rockets as they fly   
But look out that one didn’t explode      
Oh no I’m afraid it’s heading towards the crowd  
Oh my God it’s gone off in their eyes    
Get the ambulance quick can’t you hear their cries           
November 5th let’s celebrate someone’s dying     
Do you think Guy Fawkes left no one crying

Roll On Over

Just forget that there’s a world out there
Just roll your head on up to the sun       
Remember all the good things that you’ve ever seen         
And all the good things you’ve ever done           
And don’t let it all just fade away          
So why not roll on over today


Don’t confuse me with your riddles
I don’t understand what you say            
yes yes yes yes yes yes           
I guess it’s okay

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