Poems on this day – 7th December 1988

Verging on the Ridiculous

It was on the good ship ridiculous
That I met my first date          
She said she was a virgin       
I said, ‘You’re fucking great.’

Standard Bearer

Self satisfying, smug in your knowledge
This is the greatest cosmic college
And in the dreamscape where your dreams are dreamt
You are above the carnivorous carnivore’s contempt        
The eagles fly as you march by
The standard bearer stares at the sky


Hate that dance? I certainly do
Hate that music? So should you
Hate that smile? It winds me up
Hate that smell? keep the door shut
To the shithouse
Acid house, jazz house
Blues house reggae rub-a-dub your blub house

Too Often

Happiness tears are wept
But in sadness they should not be kept
Too often now we cry too much
When there is no time to touch

Emotionally Unstable

Like a catalogue of facts
Set out in a table
You know that by my acts       
I am emotionally unstable

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