We’ve said things you wouldn’t believe – 21st March 1994

Back to handwriting again for a while – just to see how things go!  Well, lots has occurred once again in the last ten days and too much for me to describe in detail but briefly.

Me and Bronwyn babysat for Chrissy while she went skiing (practising for her trip to America).  I went back to work, though just driving for now and I’ve been continuing with physio.

We’ve had a few frank discussions this week as we’ve both been a bit pissed off with each other at times though I’m confident now that we can sort them out.

We went to see Schindler’s List with Kerry.  What a brutal movie that is.  Went after to a beautiful Thai restaurant.


Yesterday we went to Southampton and recorded the poem ‘Friend’ for Thirst’s 7″.

I’m here now writing this and chasing monster fleas around the room.  They are huge!  More details as they happen.


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