They’re classless, matchless, ageless and waterproof – 31st May 1994

Once again an action packed weekend. It could be I’m trying to cram as much in as possible and make the best of my time left here – I’d be insane if I only had three months left to live.

Well, dudes, here’s the news I have to relate. Friday I made a conscious effort to relax and forget about things and me, Broni and Kerry went to see the excellent ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ at the wonderful Odeon. A good film but fuck when are cinemas going to give us beds to lay on to watch a film (it makes sense to me and my back)? We was in mad rush before we got to cinema and didn’t have time to drink our bottle of Champagne pre film so laid into it 11 P.M. (after much convincing on Broni’s part as I had to work in the morning). When I say Champagne, it’s really just sparkling wine but we play better than we are.

We talked over Miles Davis in the room two-candled, only attentions turned romantic and I couldn’t help but kiss my baby’s soft fleshy smooth torso till urges became uncontrollable and 10 seconds after climax we were both sleep in separate dreamworlds still wrapped arm in arm.

The hangover hit about an hour after I got up and I soldiered through a dull morning at work before making it home, then to travel agent to deposit our tickets when Broni turns up, new green D.M.’s and face all a-grin (spending money makes her happy) and we laughed as we packed up stuff for out weekend to come.

We searched for food to no avail on journeys meandering track, Broni playing camera girl all the while. Soon to pick up Rob and highway hit through to Chichester to find Mick and Lisa on their new residence. On it because it’s a floater. A houseboat on an old canal and it was a beautiful place in the sun and a very relaxing atmosphere. We all agreed it’d be the pits in winter though.

We chatted and caught up on things since last time, before Lisa had to go off to work in the pub, the rest of us decided to walk round the bay to the pub which was an eventful journey where we all basically ended up with wet feet, Jesus-footing ourselves across sodden grass from high tide.

After beer and nosh and talk and Ray turning up we hot tailed it back to the little house on the water actually coming close to video our own deaths in a drunken car crash that thankfully didn’t happen, the people in the other car must have shit themselves! Once back Lisa rolls a continuous supply of pure grass joints and we make drunken videos of ourselves till 2 in the A.M.

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