Squalor is at large in tidy suburbia – 1st June 1994

Oh and Rob was dancing da boogie to da Ramones and we all did, and the house rocked, literally. Me and Broni slept on the tiniest single bed that we ever slept but we did sleep instantly heads hit pillow.

I woke at 7am, sun streaming in across lillied water, some bird gently greeting the day too right outside, in his own house of sorts. Soon I stirred everyone (Broni and Rob) and coffee’d them up into action and saying our farewells we left this beautiful spot for the big smoke.

Oh but it was a beautiful journey through tunnels of gloriously green trees and on through twisty villages, sun streaming constant casting beautiful tree shadows across the road we journeyed. On and on, til building shaped the scape and after much navigation found New Cross and parked up close to tonight’s gig and hit the road on foot and rail. Taking the underground overground and into the city to Victoria, to book some place to stay the night and catch another coffee (us all tired and weak by now).

Onto South Ken to the V&A Museum which was most cool as we spent hours looking at jewellery and costumes and artefacts and the excellent glass exhibition. Shapes and colours bouncing and reflecting – understandable fascination people have with glass, the collection of it.

Oh but it’s all too much and our dials are on overload so to Covent Garden to watch performers and candlemakers through hustle and bustle to food and nourishment .Budweiser returns colour to cheeks and my tired body prepared itself for next part of our adventure which I will have to detail you later.

And now is later. So we took long train back under and over to New Cross and got ourselves ready for the night’s ear bash. Inside the venue (called The Venue) some band thankfully finished their Carter inspired set – singer being a real whinger moaning type, but they looked pretty young so good luck to them in the future.

Into second beer and second band, Poisoned Electric Head, came on all wired and weird in funny masks and I think the singers should have kept them on. They started out vaguely interesting but soon hit dirgedom. Oh well, next band we saw from upstairs and have no idea who they is, a violin or two and hymnal female vocals reminded me of Cranes – I thought they were great at what they do but not my groove thang, you understand.

Into the middle front for Cardiacs who, fuck me dead, started with Burn Your House Brown – what a fucking ripper! And Loosefish Scapegrace in there too with some newies and oldie classic. My itching body throbbed to the beat and if more room was available I’da been windmilling air guitar, Pete Townshend (John Otway) style. Stone Age Dinosaurs/To Go Off and Things blew me away. Phew. We leave soon after second encore, ears ringing pretty tunes. Rob says ‘fairground hardcore’ and that’s all I can make out.

We sit drained in the car and navigate to our B&B where long needed rest is urged upon our bodies. Soon found it soon happens and tomorrow is another day.

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