Unrest on Earth and war in my head – 28th December 2002

Hey, I should tell how reasonably happy I am currently. Just a general feeling. I look back at some entries here and feel I’m sometimes melodramatic but you know – When I write those things that’s how I feel – so really I should counter those entries with some happier ones – however, I feel less inclination to write my feelings when I’m happy – it’s better to enjoy the happiness! Still – the world is on the brink of war – always something around to despair about!!

14th Mar 2022 – I’m glad I wrote this. Perhaps I did have some hopes left? I can more clearly remember the entry for Dec 26th than this one.

The idea of the west going to war with Iraq was just plain absurd to me. There was no justification in my mind. I wonder where the soldier and girl in the picture are now?

Let me know your thoughts

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