What’s Cool and Unusual – 14th May 2008

wed 14

consolador de dos caras
la campana, 53-55 liverpool st, sydney

acid wagon of death
Dingo – Keys, broken interfaces and Not paying for anything
King of the world – Drums, broken drum machines, fuck off and die,
Riffman- Guitars, broken amps and Bad Credit

mickey gloss
Created through the union of two, Daniel Noort on guitar and Kurt Bugden on drums, Mickey Gloss are a 2 piece musical outfit that are simple in their mission ‘To give back to the music’. Mickey Gloss take what they have learnt from bands
past and present to create a sound that rejoices in the process of life. Think cicada chirps and whale noises that wake the dead and you come close.

currently in an improv band (this is the only way to describe it) titled The Nihil Spiritual Orchestra. The band is currently on hiatus, but this is as a result of nothing having been organised since i began my last intensive year of study at uws. Ive been lucky enough to begin B.Music Hons studying with Caleb Kelly, so ill plug the goods that that entails. My musical focus these days are in drone and glitch, and i have continued to move away from the harsh noise that i began fostering
early 2007, to try and achieve more relaxing soundscapes despite high decibel levels. My interest is in combining the now-time effect of unchanging frequency spectrums, whether they be pitched or not, and combining this with untempoed, unpulsed rhythmic attacks, inspired by ambient, noise & doom, and glitchcore and skipping cds respectively.

plus markets and djs

if you want a stall or to dj or you want to play – get in touch!


sun 18

scene around sound sunday sessions #1
31 winbourne rd, brookvale
$6 midday ALL AGES

frank rizzo, anal discharge, meatswine, maus, snagglepuss

there was a good turnout at last weekend’s show in brookvale and these ones at scene around sound should be happening on a regular basis.


and that is all i have this week!  i’m kinda glad in some ways – the last few weeks have been hectic and the following weeks will be too!  but if you know of anything else going on that is not generally advertised then please get in touch.
i’ll be away in june so let me know if there’s anything going on soon so i can schedule it to go out on the list whilst i’m away.

hope everyone is well

++  i’ll either be at these events or wishing i was there  ++

Let me know your thoughts

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