What’s Cool and Unusual – 14th January 2009

wed 14

club consolador
la campana, 53-55 liverpool st, sydney
$10 8pm

eugene chadbourne, suzanne grae and the katies, crabsmasher, dj smallcock

Eugene Chadbourne (USA) A seemingly endless — and endlessly eclectic — series of releases made the innovative guitarist Eugene Chadbourne one of the underground community’s most well-known and well-regarded eccentrics. Born January 4, 1954 in Mount Vernon, NY, Chadbourne was raised in Boulder, CO, by his mother, a refugee of the Nazi death camps. At the age of 11, the Beatles inspired him to learn guitar; later exposure to Jimi Hendrix prompted him to begin experimenting with distortion pedals and fuzzboxes. Ultimately, however, he became dissatisfied with the conventions of rock and pop, and traded in his electric guitar for an acoustic one, on which he began to learn to play bottleneck blues.

Perhaps Chadbourne’s most significant formative discovery was jazz; initially drawn to John Coltrane and Roland Kirk, he later became an acolyte of the avant excursions of Derek Bailey and Anthony Braxton. Despite the huge influence music exerted over his life, however, Chadbourne first studied to become a journalist, but his career was derailed when he fled to Canada rather than fight in Vietnam; only President Jimmy Carter’s declaration of amnesty for conscientious objectors allowed the vociferously left-wing Chadbourne to return to the U.S. in 1976, at which time he plunged headlong into the New York downtown music scene. After releasing his 1976 debut, Solo Acoustic Guitar, he began collaborating on purely improvisational music with the visionary saxophonist John Zorn and the acclaimed guitarist Henry Kaiser.

Quickly, Chadbourne carved out a singular style, comprised of equal parts protest music, free improvisation, and avant-garde jazz, topped off with his absurd, squeaky vocals. A complete list of Chadbourne’s countless subsequent collaborations and genre workouts is far too lengthy and detailed to exhaustively document, although in the early ’80s he garnered some of his first significant attention as the frontman of Shockabilly, a demented rockabilly revisionist outfit which also featured the well-known producer Kramer. Following the group’s breakup, Chadbourne turned to his own idiosyncratic brand of country and folk, accurately dubbed LSD C&W on a 1987 release, the same year he joined the members of Camper Van Beethoven for a one-off covers project. In addition, he recorded with artists ranging from Fred Frith and Elliott Sharp to Evan Johns and Jimmy Carl Black, the original drummer in the Mothers of Invention; in between, he continued exploring unique styles inspired by music from the four corners of the globe, all the while issuing a seemingly innumerable string of records, most of them on his own Parachute label.


SUZANNE GRAE & THE KATIES (MELB) Inspired by their namesake fashion icons responsible for bringing shoulder padded style and geometric glamour to the suburbs of eighties Australia, Suzanne Grae and the Katies are a 6 piece all gal sleaze rock band based in Melbourne, Australia.

It was just this spring season of 2008 that Suzanne Grae met the Katies at a discount outlet over the 50% off rack. The Katies all had their nails into the one peach power suit, and things were getting hairier than a Poison after party. However Suzanne stepped in to suggest the divvying up of the garment between the ladies, shoulder pad by pleat by precious polka dot, and the Katies could not help but come to their fashion senses. They offered to Suzanne both the peach power suit and a promise – To together form a band that would let no obstacle, not broken heels nor lack of musical ability, stand in the way.

Suzanne Grae and the Katies are… Texta as Suzanne Grae: ‘singer’, tamborinist, stylist Lou as Katie Tutti Frutti Pan Flutti: keys, back up vocals Anna as Katie Ramone Bomb: guitar, back up vocals Marian as Katie G: saxophone, drums, guitar, back up vocals Bec as Katie Kaos: bass, trianglist, back up vocals Alex as Katie uber Alles: drums, bass 

Crab Smasher (NEWCASTLE) ”Crab Smasher’s music isn’t as gleefully violent as their name might suggest. Based in Newcastle, the duo released two documents of their pop-inflected experimentalism last year: a Trapdoor Tapes cassette vividly entitled Doom+Doom=OMG! as well as this twenty minute EP. Despite its brevity, Impossible Monsters – their tenth release to date – manages to cram at least eight largely contrasting styles across twenty minutes, with a sense of wistfulness permeating most of the proceedings. Wistful, because despite Crab Smasher’s noise-orientated means their music is ultimately approachable and illustrative. While it’s common for bands of Crab Smasher’s ilk to extend their abstractions over a longer period of time, to give ideas the opportunity to crystallize, these guys don’t stuff around. The two opening tracks start the EP on harsh terrain – clinical white noise bursts puncture through barely-audible hum on ‘I Am Error’, while ‘Killing With Kindness’ wields scraps of noise in a more confrontational and less ominous way. Pleasantly enough, ‘The Moon Rattled Inside Her’ takes a complete left turn into bedroom pop cum science fiction soundtrack, while ‘A Sad Day For Everybody’ recalls Italian instrumentalists Larsen in the way the slowly paced rhythm breathes starkly and threateningly, mapping the ascendancy of noise and murk in the mix. Indeed, it’s these colourful contrasts that make Impossible Monsters a compelling, if slightly puzzling listen. There doesn’t appear to be any common thread running through these tracks, and often the brevity of the tracks can be frustrating. Still, Crab Smasher get it right most of the time because they have the audacity to do what isn’t expected of them, and if that means sometimes they lose a bit of focus, that’s a worthwhile compromise.” – Shaun Prescott @ Mess&Noise


  * DJ Smallcock will play other peoples music between sets


thu 15

Beatdisc in Parramatta.
6pm All Ages Free
Tyre Swans, Animal Shapes and Oh Messy Life.


fri 16

Serial Space
33 Wellington Street, Chippendale
7pm $8

This gig is a fundraiser to bring some of the international artists out to Sydney for There Goes The Neighbourhood.

Are you yet another person who has had the rent jacked up and been outpriced and outed of your own space?…

Inspired by this global phenomenon of gentrification, There Goes The Neighbourhood is an exhibition, film festival, workshops and publication about the politics of space happening in May at the Performance Space.

The project brings together a group of local and international artists who have worked on various projects that have explored the relationship between community and space and we’re inviting them to develop these issues further in the contested local environment of Redfern.

The artists involved are: Daniel Boyd, Brenda Croft, Lisa Kelly, SquatSpace, Claire Healy and Sean Cordeiro, Ned Sevil and friends (Australia), Temporary Services (USA), Jakob Jakobsen (Denmark), 16beaver (USA), Miklos Erhardt and Little Warsaw (Hungary), Michael Rakowitz (USA) and Bijari (Brazil). We will also be doing a re-enactment of Allan Kaprow’s Push and Pull: A Furniture Comedy for Hans Hofmann (with thanks to the Allan Kaprow Estate) and hosting a Gordon Matta-Clark film screening.

For more information on There Goes The Neighbourhood:

We know January is super hectic but please come down and support us- this gig is going to be awesome!


Inspired by their namesake fashion icons responsible for bringing shoulder padded style and geometric glamour to the suburbs of eighties Australia, Suzanne Grae and the Katies are a 6 piece all gal sleaze rock band based in Melbourne, Australia.

It was just this spring season of 2008 that Suzanne Grae met the Katies at a discount outlet over the 50% off rack. The Katies all had their nails into the one peach power suit, and things were getting hairier than a Poison after party. However Suzanne stepped in to suggest the divvying up of the garment between the ladies, shoulder pad by pleat by precious polka dot, and the Katies could not help but come to their fashion senses. They offered to Suzanne both the peach power suit and a promise – To together form a band that would let no obstacle, not broken heels nor lack of musical ability, stand in the way.

Suzanne Grae and the Katies are…
TextaQueen as Suzanne Grae: ‘singer’, tamborinist, stylist
Lou as Katie Tutti Frutti Pan Flutti: keys, back up vocals
Anna as Katie Ramone Bomb: guitar, back up vocals
Marian as Katie G: saxophone, drums, guitar, back up vocals
Bec as Katie Kaos: bass, trianglist, back up vocals
Alex as Katie uber Alles: drums, bass


Fresh back from 3 months eating dumplings and making noise in China, catch Justice Yeldham’s first gig back in Sydney. This guy is never sticks around for long before he’s off again- so don’t miss ‘the glass guy’ himself, even if he is a pane.

“What’s been described as “a trumpet player trapped in a two dimensional universe” is in fact the unique audio work of Justice Yeldham, a maverick musician with an unhealthy obsession with sheets of broken glass. By pressing his face and lips against the glass whist employing various vocal techniques ranging from throat singing to raspberries, he turns disguarded household windows into crude musical instruments. Resulting in a wide variety of cacophonous noises that are strangely controlled and oddly musical.

Justice Yeldham is the latest alter-ego of Australian sound performer Lucas Abela, whose past sonic experiments were conducted under monikers like A Kombi, Dj Smallcock & Peeled Hearts Paste. Initially classed as an experimental turntablist, although his early work rarely resembled anything in the field. Early feats, saw him stab vinyl with Kruger style stylus gloves, bound on electro acoustic trampolines, drag race the popemobile across Sydney Harbour Bridge, perform deaf defying duet duels with amplified samurai swords, hospitalised by high powered turntables constructed from sewing machine motors, record chance John Peel sessions with the Flaming Lips, & be Otomo Yoshihides’ favourite entry into his Ground Zero remix competition; ‘Consummation’ even though instead of sampling the CD he destroyed it using amplified skewers!”



If you like dancing under a blanket to Black Sabbath shoeless in the grass then you will love Holy Balm.

(Don’t forget the honey-ed mushrooms)



Freshly back from shows in Vietnam we are proud to have this incredible female emcee up in Sydney for one show only!!! – and look out for her debut album which is about to be released!

” she’s the femcee that’s gonna make you wanna smile – she got you foot tappin, lip smackin, rappin pash stylez!” emcee pash is a Sydney born, Perth raised hip hop emcee who now has her roots firmly planted in Melbourne (Aus). Her love of music and poetry formed a symbiosis when pash was nineteen, and since then she has performed at many clubs and community events in and around Sydney, Byron Bay and Melbourne. Her lyrics are deeply personal, yet relate to the every day experiences that speak to many. Pash does not shy away from the political or the controversial. Her unique vocal delivery sets her apart from the rest, as do her dj sets with live emceeing- not to be missed! This year Pash is recording her debut album, to be released in Feb/March 09. Other projects include a PBS radio show focusing on female, indigenous, local artists as well as all things fresh and cool from around the globe, and of course pash intends on spreading her own music across the seas.”


Big, huge, massive thanks to all the performers and Serial Space.


fri 16

NOWnow festival

Afternoon concert @ Lhamda Books
Shop 1, 32 Station St, Wentworth Falls

5pm : THE PROPHETS : drums and saxophones and masks : Dale Gorfinkel / Peter Farrar / Rosalind Hall / Sam Dobson / Finn Ryan / and more
5:30pm : Inge Olmheim / Aemon Webb : Electronics

Evening concert @ Wentworth Falls School of Arts
Cnr Great Western Hwy / Adele Ave, Wentworth Falls

7:00pm : PIN PIN PIN TRIO : Clare Cooper (guzheng) / Magda Mayas (piano) / Steve Heather (percussion)
7:30pm : THE SPIDERS : James Heighway (everything)
8:00pm : Adam Sussman / Martin Kirkwood : Acoustic Guitars
8:30pm : (outdoors) : T.A.D. and Yusuke : voices and guitars
9:00pm : Eugene Chadbourne : freely improvised country guitar and banjo
9:45pm : Pateras / Baxter / Brown + Louise Curham : prepared piano / prepared guitar / unprepared drums / performative film (respectively)

Late concert @ Akemi
40 Great Western HWY,Medlow Bath (opp. train station)
contact: (02) 4788-1230

from 11:00pm :
Clayton Thomas (double bass) / Dale Gorfinkel (vibraphone / inventions) / Finn Ryan (drums)

Cinemusic : a film by David Ahern : introduced by Geoffrey Barnard

Lloyd Honeybrook / Robin Fox : feedbax and computer


sat 17

Ruban Rat (upstairs), 76 Parramatta Road Stanmore
(gallery is across the road, heading West on your left just past the Annandale Hotel)

After many rolls of film and a lot more beer…
Finally a heap of photos from 2003-2008 on show:
you are invited to:5 Years as a Rock Moll photography by Anne Bentley
(celebrating 10 years of Scooter RockChix gigs)

opening night sponsored by Lovells Lager  – cheers!

guest appearances from Madam Squeeze and friends + Baby Machine (rock!)

exhibition continues Sunday 18 Jan 11am-5Pm
then Thursday 22 Jan to Mon 26 Jan 11am-5pm
evenings by appointment:
info@artzinephotography.com.au m: 0405 098 529

come along & look for familiar faces from the past & present and raise a toast to Scooter


sat 17

NOWnow festival

Morning concert @ King’s Cave**
6:00am : Steve Heather : percussion
Sound Walk : with Anthony Magen : from King’s Cave at midday

Afternoon Concert @ King’s Cave**

2:00pm : Inge Olmheim (electronics) / Ian Pieterse (baritone saxophone) / Rosalind Hall (prepared alto saxophone)
2:30pm : Sam Dobson (double bass) / Jon Rose (violin)

Afternoon talk @ Wentworth Falls School of Arts

5:30pm : Birdsong : The Music of Nature and the Nature of Music : Hollis Taylor

Evening Concert @ Wentworth Falls School of Arts

7:00pm : Clayton Thomas / Clare Cooper / Robin Fox : strings and computer manipulation
7:30pm : Joe Derrick / Simon Ferenci : trumpets
8:00pm : Kusum Normoyle / Aaron Clarke / Rivka Schembri / Bonnie Hart : voices
8:30pm : HELMET HEAD : Rod Cooper and Anthony Magen : Audiovisual madness
9:00pm : Laura Altman / Magda Mayas / Monika Brooks : clarinet, piano and accordion
9:30pm : BOTBORG : audio visual feedback web

Late concert @ Akemi

from 11:00pm :
Pilgramage from Scattered Points : a film on the Scratch Orchestra by Luke Fowler


….by train
Get yourself to Linden Station. Exit station onto Bourke Rd (opposite side of the highway, don’t go up the stairs on the station). Go left onto bourke Rd. there will be an escort from station.

…by car:
Driving from Sydney – Turn off the Great Western Highway in Linden onto Tollgate Dr. where there is a sign for the Linden Observatory, go right at the crossroads, along Glossop Rd, then park on Bourke Rd. near “Donohoe’s Rave” sign to walk down the trail to the cave.
Driving from Katoomba – Down Great Western Hwy, Left onto Tollgate Dr, left onto Glossop rd, right to Bourke rd.

On bourke St, near “Donohoe’s (G)rave” sign to walk down the trail to the cave. a short easy walk.

Contact Alex on 0406 361 439 on the day if you have any problems


sun 18

Midday in Pitt Park (next to Wentworth Falls School of Arts): KITE MUSIC : Jon Rose and Robin Fox

Afternoon Concert @ Wentworth Falls School of Arts

2:00pm : THE SPLINTER ORCHESTRA : the NOW now’s very own house band
2:45pm : Anthony Pateras : solo piano
3:30pm : THE LOOP ORCHESTRA : Australia’s longest running experimental music project : John Blades / Richard Fielding / Manny Gasparinatos / Hamish Mackenzie / Juke Wyatt
4:00pm : Mike Majkowski : solo double bass

Evening concert @ Akemi

from 7:00pm :
– Dave Brown / Joe Musgrove / James Heighway : guitars and electronics
– Hosebeast : Jon Hunter / Ivan Lysiak / Peter Newman : guitar and drums and computer
– Lucas Abela / Sean Baxter

++  i’ll either be at these events or wishing i was there  ++

What’s Cool and Unusual – 7th January 2009

i think i’ve been doing this list almost every week for a couple of years now.  let me know if you’re finding the information useful or if you think there are things i’m missing that should be included.  note that this list will not generally mention shows in regular pub/club spaces or things which are advertised in drum media etc.  the list costs me about 50 bucks a year to maintain at the moment (plus all the time i invest in putting it together each week) so if you’d like to help me out financially in some way then have a browse through my distro list and order a cd or two!  list here: http://www.tenzenmen.com/distro/TZM_distro.shtml.

a lot of the warehouse spaces have become unavailable due to pressure from police and councils but i’m sure new spaces will be become available over time.  looking forward to another great year in 2009!



January 3rd – 13th
Blank_Space Gallery
374 Crown St, Surry Hills

site has links to info on the films

Seen and Heard is a festival focused on the works in film by women in response to long-lasting prejudices against women in the film industry. While there are as many women studying film as there are men, women continually have been an underdog in cinema production.

In its first year, audiences are invited to bear witness to the extraordinary visions of Indigenous and white Australian filmmakers, exploring race relations in Australia, gender, sexuality and class politics, disability and ability.

The festival is a free, not-for-profit event and will feature afternoon teas and evening screenings throughout early January.


The Seen and Heard Festival features more than 25 titles with more films to be announced.

Wednesday 7/1/09
Rethinking Ability: films centered on “ability” and “disability” screening from 8pm featuring White Sound, the films of Jessica Tyrrell and Unlocked

Thursday 8/1/09
Scarlett Productions: Films Produced by Kath Shelper – featuring six shorts all directed by women, produced by Shelper, about and by Indigenous Australians

Friday 9/1/09
Grind Girls and Love Refugees – screening from 8pm

Saturday 10/1/09
Afternoon Tea: Call Me Mum – directed by Margot Nash; written by Kathleen Mary Fallon; produced by Michael McMahon – screening from 3pm
Evening Screening: Rethinking Ability: films centered on “ability” and “disability” screening from 8pm featuring White Sound, the films of Jessica Tyrrell and Unlock

Sunday 11/1/09
Afternoon Tea: The Films of Jennifer Cox from 3pm
Evening Screening: Call Me Mum – directed by Margot Nash; written by Kathleen Mary Fallon; produced by Michael McMahon – feature screening from 8pm

Monday 12/1/09
Women and Work – screening from 8pm

Tuesday 13/1/09
CLOSING NIGHT: Come Home – Bird, Dugong and Playground – screening from 8pm

Why a festival of work by women?
Commercial cinema has a long history of having been a male dominated industry. Films that have dominated the mainstream were action films with male leads (need we list James Bond, Die Hard, Lethal Weapon?), comedies with male leads, from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off to Shaun of the Dead, dramas with male leads, such as L.A. Confidential, Saving Private Ryan and Fight Club, have also dominated the choices of the movie-going public, leaving women-directed films a lesser-known, close to extinct choice.

The modern film industry, however, is undergoing a dramatic change. Audiences now are more often making the choice to see arthouse films and independent cinema, such as Brokeback Mountain, Capote, Babel, and The Lives of Others, and the media attention given to these films continues to expand.

With this shift in the audience’s choice to see “decent” films, rather than films of somewhat thinner substance, there is no reason why women filmmakers should be ignored. In spite of the great depths filmmakers are currently exploring and audiences are embracing, there is a seemingly undying fear that women directors make films about women’s themes.

Just when audiences started to think that they were finally no longer being underestimated, women directors and cinematographers still go without widespread attention, and most importantly, work, because of the desire for capital “women’s themes” do not make money in the movie business.

The film industry shuts out both women filmmakers and audiences. Making just more than half the population, there are huge numbers of women who belong to at least one. The problem is not a lack of women who wish to work as filmmakers: the numbers of film school graduates are evenly male and female. Despite this, only 4% of directors are women.

In the history of the Academy Awards, only three women have been nominated for Best Director (none of them have won). Sofia Coppola was the last woman to be nominated, in 2003, for Lost in Translation. Prior to this, Jane Campion was nominated in 1993 for The Piano. The third, and the first woman ever to be nominated, was Lina Wertmuller in 1976 for her film Seven Beauties. There has never been an Academy Award nomination for a woman cinematographer.

The issue should not be the concern of filmmakers alone, audiences are also at the receiving end of the problem. To release films which feature “women’s themes” may be believed to shut male audiences out, with films heavily featuring men’s themes disguised as “people themes”.


fri 9

Serial Space
33 Wellington St, Chippendale

Ghost of 29 megacycles (Perth)


sun 11

Protest the Lennon Bros Circus (they use animals- primates, lions, etc. – http://www.animalcircuses.com/ for more info). 

Protest this Sunday 11th January at 9am in Gosford (on the NSW Central Coast).

Meet at 9am between the circus and the Central Coast Leagues Club, Dane Drive, Gosford Waterfront. We’ll begin protesting at 9.15am until about 11am (the show begins at 10.30am).

It’s a short walk from Gosford station…

(Or email jac at jacqueline@****.org.au and she can drive you there and back.)


sun 11

Bohemian Grove
L2/68 Sophia St, Surry Hills
$10 7pm


*The Ghost of 29 Megacycles* (WA) is a performance art collective performing loosely composed dronescape scores to visual film loops. After touring Australia in June 2008, The Ghost of 29 Megacycles returns to Sydney and Melbourne to play 3 special intimate shows.

*Morning Stalker* began in 2005 as a solo home-recording project for Morgan McKellar, focusing on semi-improvised ambient noise/drone using heavily effected guitar, keys, and vocals. Since then Morgan has recruited two fellow Underlapper members Marc Chomicki (drums) and Simon Oh (bass clarinet and keys) to fill out the sound, and well…make it more fun really.

Bohemian Grove performances are 6:30pm doors for a 7pm start each Sunday (unless otherwise advised). The cover is $10 /  donation. Please feel freeto invite your friends to come and/or join the mailing list, but we ask that nothing be posted on the web for the authorities to find (they are squares).
Support live music!


wed 14

la campana
53-55 liverpool st, sydney
$10 8pm

Eugene Chadbourne, SUZANNE GRAE & THE KATIES (MELB), Crab Smasher

DJ Smallcock will play other peoples music between sets

++  i’ll either be at these events or wishing i was there  ++

I received these email replies (amongst others) to this week’s list which reminded me exactly why I worked hard on preparing this list every week:

Hi Shaun!
I meant to email you this week, so funny you should mention this, I LOVE your email, granted i don’t get along to everything I’d like to, but I always find it so interesting and comforting to know Sydney has such an amazing, diverse alternative culture, and thankyou so much for keeping me in the know!

Hi Shaun,
I find the list very useful and have discovered lots of places and bands I would otherwise have never known about. Highlights so far have been Heehaw, Maxwell Stone, various performances at the experimental place in Chippendale and some fusion thing with two bass players at the Spanish place. I’d stopped going to see live music years ago but the list has brought it back for me. It’s music for the right reasons.

Hey Shaun!  I’ve never met you but I’m pretty sure I know who you are from a gig at the Pitz a few years ago when one of the bands pointed at someone called Shaun and said thanks for helping them out.

Anyway, in response to your question, yep, I most definitely find your weekly updates useful and attend events from it all the time!  I have no idea how I’d hear about gigs at Maggotville etc otherwise!  Most recently some friends and I went down to two of the Gallucci rehearsals at The Place to Be at the end of last year (2008).  Again something I wouldn’t have been able to do had it not been for you getting the word out!  I first saw those guys at the Minutemen doco thing at China Heights in 2005 but hadn’t seen them play since maybe 2007, so it was great to get your news and see them put on some great sets.  I spoke to Tim on both occasions, the upcoming shows with Joe Lally sound cool too.

So yes, thanks a lot for your efforts!  I’ve bought stuff off your list previously but its been a while so i’ll have a look now!


Last ever Club Consolador De Dos Caras – 17th December 2008

Truth From Facts
“for any of you who enjoy the music of bands like oxes, slint, young widows and/or colossamite”

Hira Hira
we are all xray pricks no talent fuck off and then some

Yr Intestines
nick dan and anthony guerra baptist their demons

Grand Fatal
Double guitar post hardcore rock

Blacklevel Embassy
Bringing the power and precision of acts such as Hot Snakes and The Jesus Lizard as well as the good-time power boogie of ZZ Top and ACDC – this powerhouse trio delivers both musical French kisses and kidney punches


Scissor Lock, Peter Hollo, Kurt Iveson, Cleptoclectics, Kate Carr, Shaun Prescott, Sub Bass Snarl and Matt Levinson

What’s Cool and Unusual – 10th December 2008

first up – a call out for quarterbred:

Summer in Sydney means its time for the final Quarterbred for 2008! The December program at PACT space, boldly brings together local and interstate artists for collaborations working in video, dance, performance and installation. *


**Ship of Fools *want you, sailor, for the open mike section. It will be an open opportunity for you to provoke, agitate, repent and stay afloat. Live the dream. Become a God. Register at quarterbred@gmail.com or just turn up on the night.

*Ship of Fools* is soon to set sail on it’s volatile, caustic and sardonicjourney.
When you ask? *Saturday 13 December at 7pm*.
Where you cry? *PACT Space Erskinville**. 107 Railway Pde Erko *
Who you passionately whimper? Kelly Doley, Zoe Coombs Marr, Janie Gibson, Claudia O’Dougherty,
Anastasia Zaravinos, Ben Ellwood, Sue Thomas, Nick Capper, Billy Connelly and YOU.

Hosted by MCs Nick Sun (of PHUKLUB fame) and Frances-Francis (the bearded lady).
Our residencies include superstar artists from Sydney and Melbourne with artists talks Sat Dec 2o.

To be part of SHIP OF FOOLS or for further details and artist listings check out *www.quartrebred.blogspot.com*  or
call PACT space on 9550****!

Quarterbred is a resident company of PACT and are supported by the City of Sydney.
Quarterbred is an artist run initiative supporting emerging artists engaged in innovayion, experimentation and cross-pollination. Quarterbred is volunteer-run, and working on a part-time basis means that occasionally there will be a delay in our response. We appreciate your patience.


wed 10

Firstdraft Gallery, 116-118 Chalmers Street, Sydney
runs til December 27, 2008 at 6:00pm
Email:  tullyarnot@gmail.com

“I think sculpture is a more primitive form of art than painting… there’s something essentially infantile about the sculptural relation to matter. It has to do with the infant differentiating itself from the world.. of course, that’s a disaster, because the infant wants to think of itself as continuous with the universe – the infantile omnipotence. It’s a disaster when one realises one is discontinuous. There is the self, and all that is not the self. And sculpture has something to do with that fundamental feeling.”

– Carl Andre 1972

Obliteration explores the physical and emotional continuum created through loss of self. The works exhibited are situated between self and non-self, dissolving boundaries between artist, audience and curator.

Some works utilise interactivity as a tool to activate and complete the works, while others express an awareness of interaction through deliberate non-performance. These interactions reflect the psychologically regressive potential of self-obliteration, expressed in a way that explores base human relationships rather than intellectual analysis. Inherent to the physically human element of the show, is a strong sense of spatiality underlying the curation of each work.

The exhibition includes a number of artists who have no formal training, or that have previously never exhibited. The show looks at the artist’s personal expression of the self and the non-self as it exists both interior and exterior to the art field.

Opening night 10th December 6pm
Artists talks 27th December 4:30pm

Lauren Booker
Tara Cook
Angela Garrick
Neg Head
Alex Kiers
Jack Mannix
Orit Meylakh
Johanna Olminkhof
Sally Pittman
Chris Petro
Shaun South
+ More TBC


wed 10

consolador de dos caras
la campana, 53-55 liverpool st, sydney
8pm $5

Antipan – are Matt Earle, Sumugan Sivanesan, Anthony Guerra and Nick Dan.
They last rocked Sydney 4 years ago and include members of xNoBBQx, X Wave, Sven Simulacrum, SSS, etc
Releases are out on Breakdance the Dawn, Pulled Out and Musique Provocateaur. Go here to see their pink LP http://pulledout.org/antipan.html

Terrastylus – terrastylus like to meet for playdates in the space where analogue and digital collide. we spend most of our time collecting new nerdy gadgets and smithing rhymes like no gold digger could. our favourite things are power tools, signal paths, doing wheelies, and chasing girls. xx

Monica and the Explosion – Monica and The Explosion is Monica Welander a 29 year old rock artist from Sweden.
As a solo artist performing with only an acoustic guitar and playing her own explosive rock music she is something extraordinary, and has been predicted to become one of Sweden’s best live artists. In July this year she represented Sweden at World Championships of Performing Arts in Hollywood U.S. where she received two silver medals.
The debut album was released in October 2007, produced by Monica herself, and new songs will be released in the beginning of 2009. She has recieved good response for her live shows all around Sweden, but also in Germany, Holland and Ireland.

rev 777 – also known as rank sinatra and dj rainbow ejactulation , a veritable plethora of alias as long as your arm and proud owner of goulborn poultry fanciers society label. Be prepared to expect the unexpectedly expected.

Eiterherd is an Austrian breakcore artist. He first got into experimental music in 1994, when he started DJ’ing hardcore and gabber around Graz, Austria and Maribor, Slovenia. In 1995 he started making music on a computer, using various trackers. In 1996 he together with Gwal he founded the record label Widerstand Records. The goal of Widerstand, besides just releasing music, is doing record business in a non-profit orientated way and using the platform for delivering political messages. In March 1997 Silent Revolution Records was founded as a sublabel of Widerstand records and later two more sublabels followed: reek.org and pornoir.com.
The first release on the label came out in October 1996: a limited split 12″ featuring Gwal and Eiterherd. In early 1997 Eiterherd and Gwal both released solo 12″ EPs. In 1999 Eiterherd released his first full-length album as a co- production between Praxis Records and Widerstand Records. The album used samples from the film 1984 and was titled 1984 vs. 1999.
In 1998 Gwal and Eiterherd split up and Gwal founded his own label Dusk Records. Eiterherd continues to manage Widerstand Records and is also responsible for the maintenance and design of Widerstand website online from late 1997 until 2006.


thu 11

Dirty Shirlows, 32 Shirlow St, Marrickville
7pm $5

This Thursday- from 7pm we’re bringing together niche schlock horror with rare performances from the damn original JRocker (Manifestival) and The Vultures (in some sort of configuration).


Zombie Holocaust, directed by Marino Girolami is an Italian horror disaster classic complete with a holey plot, verging on the rediculous. It was made during the Italiano horror craze of the 1970’s / 80’s and features a bunch of B-Grade actors that you’ve never heard of.

The plot deals with that age old question ” Hmmm.. I wonder what would happen if Zombies and flesh-eating cannibals came together for an all-out face biting, skin gnawing fight fest?”.

It’s worth a watch- believe me.


Bands 7:15-9
Film 9-11
Entry $5.00 (Dirty Shirlow’s funrdaiser)
Also popcorn, vegan cupcakes and non vegan caramel slices for sale.


sat 13

220 Trafalgar Street, Annandale
“this is in no way a bad idea” Vol. 1

Bare Arms, Pockets, Little a, Mark Lagana

Entry is: food for VegBQ, Cold dips or Gold Donation
BYO respect for other peoples property and this may be the first of many.
15 minute walk from Stanmore Station
or catch the 370 from Newtown to Booth St, Annandale
or 470 from City… again to booth st


sat 13

REPRESSED RECORDS< king st, newtown



sat 13

Dirty Shirlows, 32 Shirlow st
3:00pm – 8:00pm

The Momo Benchseat Band

Hey, we haven’t played for ages! But we have been jamming in preparation of recording an album. Come along and listen to brand new Momo songs… Yeah!
First set: 3pm
Second set: 6pm

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What’s Cool and Unusual – 3rd December 2008

wed 3

consolador de dos caras
la campana, 53-55 liverpool st, sydney
8pm $5
barrage, knitted abyss, comatone

BARRAGE – Melbourne’s Mark Barrage makes a nervy sound tonic, equal parts pop music EQd to breaking point and midnight crucifix synth-kraut. New album Delays finds the dissonant electronic songster in realms of hard sound, dance timings, band-ish arrangements and bleary-eyed nighttime sensation. Delays is a skittery, blunt mix of DIY electronic/minimal synth in the spirit of Australia’s Severed Heads and overseas labels Human Ear Music and Sacred Bones.

KNITTED ABYSS – Knitted Abyss is Lucy Phelan (1/2 of Naked on the Vague) and Anna John two Sydney AU. residents and staple down under weirdo makers… like a dark reverberation of down tuned psychedelic guitar murmur and gothy drum machine rhythm, backed by ghostly vocals and doomy echoes. This is a real hazy, foggy, nocturnal set of sounds for a new mutant world’ – Shaun Reed, Night People

COMATONE – Comatone is Greg Seiler. Influenced by the kinds of artists you’ll find on the warp and planet mu labels, with 5 albums and several other bits and pieces to his name, solo and colaborative released in the AU and UK that walk through IDM, Breaks and Textural experiments. The live sets are a carefully executed excursion through detail.  


wed 3

Gallery 9, 9 Darley Street, Darlinghurst, Australia
6:00pm – 9:00pm

New work by Matthew Hopkins
Opening night Wednesday 3rd December


fri 5

Gallucci ask how can you resist putting it off for another week?

10:15 PM – The Place To Be
Crown Lane, Darlinghurst (at the basketball ring – behind Bill & Toni’s).
diepunk***@yahoo.com – 0408***


sat 6

time:           7:30 pm
venue:        Mars Hill Cafe
address:     331 Church St, Parramatta
cost:           Free entry
                   All Ages

Join Telafonica for their annual Christmas bash next Saturday, December 6.  The band is returning to its ‘local’ for an end of year music and art celebration. Telafonica will blast their blend of post-electronica and we’ll be joined onstage by the wonderful johan neve doing live painting along with samantha lee with a special visual arts treat happening on stage.  the support slots are being filled by two of our members’ solo projects – blake will be playing the first ever live lessons in time show (www.myspace.com/lessonsintime) and eliza will be playing a set of her own stuff as well, with her band (see her lastfm page here).  A night of diverse celebration, all free and open to all ages at the Mars Hill Cafe – 331 Church St, Parramatta.


sat 6

the hutch, 12 hutchinson st, Marrickville, Australia

fag panic, ungus ungus ungus + chris arnott + fag panic + rocheforte
then jam times!!!


sun 7

Little Fish Gallery
22 Enmore Rd, Newtown

FISH MARKET is a zine and diy affair at Little Fish on the 1st sunday of every month. from 1:00 to 5. book a table by emailing ghost***@gmail.com or come for the day …….

On this month, (Sunday, december 7th) there will also be FOLK AND FOLKS day in Black Rose anarchist library and book shoppe, banjos,double bass, accordions violins and the like from 3pm.
Acts playing will be:
Queen of Hungary’s Water
Redbeard and Gorga
Last Minute Gypsies
The Effing Seas

And our monthly a FILM at 6:30 pm will be ‘Tales of a Gypsy Caravan’, a documentary that celebrates the music of international gypsy performers and interweaves real life tales of their home life and social background.

the ‘JAFF INN’ jaffles and coffees and dandyline coffees etc… will also be running in the newq -or newtown queer space. running from 1 o’clock


sun 7
Braithwaite Park, Yarramalong Road, Wyong Creek
12:00pm – 5:00pm

BBQ lunch all acoustic gig at the park. BYO Booze and Sausages. All welcome to hang.

James Wiley
The (Temperamental) Pocket
Happy Phlegm
Eclectic Dreams
Lucia Afarenze
Brod Diamond
Polyfox and the Union of the Most Ghosts
Mushroom Family 

Host: Lesstalk Records
Email: matt@lesstalk***.com 


tue 9

@ Sedition 275 Victoria St Darlinghurst
7pm by donation

Geodesic Domes of the Eastern Seaboard
Holy Balm

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Club Consolador De Dos Caras Anniversary – 26th November 2008

12th August 2021 – Not even sure I was at this anniversary show. Surely I must have been! A lot of the time was spent running around, managing a market stall, organising equipment, doing the door etc and I didn’t always get to see bands play. I used to finish work a little earlier on Wednesday, dash home to change and into the city to start arranging things in the club. Usually I’d be the only one there for a couple of hours, sometimes twiddling my thumbs, nervously waiting for bands and audience to arrive. I couldn’t help myself though – I just want to be prepared and ready to go.

Club Consolador De Dos Caras – 19th November 2008

war all the time (uk)
“….War all the time are the purest hardcore hit I’ve heard in years. Stripped-down and to the fucking point, they really show how much can be done with so few ingredients. So utterly simple, so brutally direct, this is exactly what hardcore should be like. Plus is there a song about Thatcher in there? Jesus. Further proof that no one under the age of 30 (or should that be 40?!?!) should be in a band.”

sydney hi-intensity dark crust hardcore


do not resuscitate

What’s Cool and Unusual – 5th November 2008

wed 5th

forget about the US election.  the US is becoming increasingly irrelevant and their latest puppet will make no difference.  time is better spent making friends with real american people and showing them how cool the rest of the world is.


wed 5th

consolador de dos caras
la campana, 53-55 liverpool st, sydney
8pm $5

bare arms, little a, slogan free youth

little a – lush casio pop to charm the pants off the most jaded music lovers.
journeying up from the south especially for this show!

slogan free youth – rad fast and loud rip offs of 80’s hardcore. new band!

bare arms – new sydney screamo / mathcore. come sing along to tales of toxic soldiers and stolen organs.

‘the question’ has had to pull out of this show as ryan was hospitalised in a savage unprovoked attack after a yeah bears show out the back of the oxford arts factory.  come and check out the other bands and wish ryan a speedy recovery.

the worksafe poster


wed 5th

L5, 342 elizabeth st
9pm $?



fri 7th

louies, 34 murray st, marrickville
8pm $?

The Sharks, They Bite!, Code of Lies, Hira Hira, Little A.


sat 8th

it’s the return of GALLUCCI!
10pm in darlinghurst – at ‘the place’ – call Tim on the night to confirm details (0408147336)



mon 10th

The NOW now series
33 Wellington St, Chippendale
8pm $10/8

Finn Ryan/Jack Dibben/Aemon Webb/Abel Cross: guitars and drums and
electrical equipment.

+ more


tue 11th

275 victoria st, darlinghurst


xnobbqx, knitted abyss, dj white pimpernell

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What’s Cool and Unusual – 29th October 2008

wed 29th

consolador de dos caras
la campana, 52-55 liverpool st, sydney

New archetypes – FRIENDS since birth, Screamin’ E. Hernia and Karl Richard-Marx formed New Archetypes in 2006 when it became apparent that Karl’s musical skills combined with fledgling guitarist, filmmaker and gutter poet Hernia’s songs formed the perfect recipe for a brutal new archetype. In a rehearsal room in their death-metal friend Billy’s warehouse flat above a smash repair joint in Redfern, they hammered away at their craft, throwing in covers by The Stooges, The Beasts of Bourbon and The Birthday Party, Karl accompanying variously on guitar, bass and a horrific optical theremin shaped like a baby doll’s head with red glowing eyes, which he ran through all manner of effects to synthesise the rotting belch of the devil. Hernia’s raspy screaming and shouting was terrifying. One evening, during a particularly bone-powdering jam, they earnt their first $5, when a tripping metal head who hung out at the flat stuck the money under the door, with a note pleading with them to stop making him feel like he was dying. Skip forward a few months, and Karl is at a party getting hammered. His brother Hans Regretel and friend The Naked Drewth mention they want to form a band, Hans being a bassist/guitarist, Drew being an aspiring drummer (in that he couldn’t play, but liked the idea). Karl and Hernia decided this mix of experience and inexperience (or innocence?) had an attractive Blakean undertone. Besides, this way there’d be more people to chip in for bourbon. Soon after, New Archetypes rehearsed together for the first time, The Naked Drewth having his first ever bash at a kit. With them was friend Ted Frostbite, an eccentric punk and pipe organ virtuoso, who’d performed recitals in places like the Sydney Town Hall and the Opera House. His father was also a keyboard player for Suzi Quattro, as well as The Who’s John Entwistle, Kiki Dee and Robert Palmer’s early-’70s group Vinegar Joe. Despite Ted’s extreme abilities in the art of fine music, he aimed for total chaos. The formula had been written. New Archetypes were complete. The first public New Archetypes gig took place January 5, 2007, at the Lansdowne Hotel and was cut short after just two songs because Screamin’ E. Hernia had already been in a fight with a bouncer and got kicked out. The band had to sneak him back in to play. They were compensated by the venue with unlimited free beer. Things just haven’t been the same since. Prepare yourself for NA. It will be loud. It will be brutal. It will be primitive. You will be addicted. NA beckons.

Maxwell stone – Formed 2005 in Enmore, Sydney. Maxwell Stone is described as Stoner Rock with metal inclinations. Members include Peter ”P.P.R.” Richards (Guitar/Drums)27,Albury ”Benny” West (Drums)24, Sam ”Rush” McNair (Vocals/Guitar)26 & brother Tom ”AKA1-Madman” (Lead Guitar)27. Maxwell Stone is the product of the now infamous ”Cakehole”. The Cakehole is a shoptop flat above a cake shop (though the cake shop no longer remains). Tom,Sam & friend since primary school Pete began jamming on an old borrowed amp inthe lounge room. It grew from there to playing at parties and soon enough in November 2005 the group played their first gig, Bar Broadway in Sydney. In 2007 Maxwell Stone recruited ex-Leprechaun Deathstar drummer Albury West. Maxwell Stone’s music was used in the soundtrack of ”Cheerleader Swap Meat” also playing at the Film launch in August 07. The group plays regular local shows and draws a dedicated fanbase. In 2008 Maxwell Stone has recorded a self titled E.P and plans to release in November. A tour of the Eastern States of Australia is planned for late 2008.


White knuckle Fever are the dynamo psychobluesy duo uniting 3k short (from machine gun fellatio) and celia curtis (biffos blow up bonanza) . Better put your seatbelts on because they are going to take you for a ride into the abyss !


thu 30

Conor O’Brien

There Stands The Glass

Opening 30th October

31st October – 16th November 2008

Conor O’Brien was recently referred to as one of the country’s ‘best, most interesting and certainly most promising’ young photographers by the Associate Curator of the Art Gallery of Western Australia, Dr Robert Cook.  In October and November 2008, Black & Blue Gallery will host O’Brien’s most recent body of work, There Stands The Glass. 

First shown at the Centre for Contemporary Photography (CCP) in Melbourne earlier this year, There Stands The Glass is a collection of colour photographs; portraits, landscapes and observations that are calm and considered, never poking fun at their subjects but always celebrating their beauty. The images were captured over two years and deal with people and the sense of people.  The subjects are almost always friends, family and the places that hold their spirit.

The Age reviewer Penelope Modra wrote of There Stands The Glass, “[O’Brien]’s not asking you to look through his eyes as thought they are your own and share some modernist‘epiphany moment’. It’s just an invitation to feel, well, what you feel.”

O’Brien has shown work at the Australian Centre for Photography, the Centre for Contemporary Photography, The National Portrait Gallery, The Art Gallery of

Western Australia, the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Utopian Slumps Gallery and was included in the New York Photography Festival 2008.  He currently lives and works in Sydney.

Vito Belgiorno-Zegna, Director

Black & Blue Gallery
302/267-271 Cleveland Street
Redfern NSW 2016

Thurs to Sat 11-6   Sun 12-5 


fri 31

louie’s, 34 murray st, marrickville

*Duke Magazine Halloween Party* – Serial Killer Dress Up, Fat-O-Gram, Dancing, Tunes, Party!!!!

thing is, party’s are always fuggin sick. and dressing up is awesome. and dressing up on halloween is the best. AND and and they are gonna have FAT-O-GRAMS. as in some big fatso gettin naked. you really wanna miss that?

starts at 8 and costs $10. try say no.

“Duke is like if National Geographic and National Lampoon had a kid, and the kid grew up to be this really bitchy teenage girl”

– Peter Shamrock, arts editor for  Irish Brogue Weekly


fri 31

Dark Carnivàle

The Red Rattler Theatre Stage One Launch
and fundraiser for eco-efficient utilities
doors open 8pm, showtime 9pm sharp
limited capacity, be early!

6 Faversham St.

$20 / $15 conc

MOJO JUJU & the Snake Oil Merchants
The Kingpins
Lillian Starr & D-Vinyl
Sex Intents & Glitta Supernova
Brown Council
Justin Shoulder
Janie Gibson
Celia Curtis
Crash and Danni

hosted by Kelli Jean
with DJ Gemma


sat 1

*Deja Boo!*

ok halloween is the night before, but its such a good holiday that i think it’s pretty fair to spread it out over 2 days.

this is Deja Vu’s 4th birthday, and some guy named Aiden’s Halloween party.

this is from the flyer – “open jams & food from 5pm” – i guess jam is more of a spread than a food ey. ha ha ha. blegh. it goes till like 4 am or something.

ANYWAY bands/people/dj’s featured on this night are:

Fuji Collective, Toecutter, Day of the Meerkat, Svelt, Squid, Captains, Baram, Brackets

all for a gold coin donation. fuckin deal!


sat 1

The Red Rattler Theatre
6 Faversham St.
Marrickville NSW 2204

7pm $5

BugGiRL (gong)
Valentiine (melb)
Kate Duffy (syd)
DJ Huckleberry Spin



sun 2

Black Rose Anarchist Library & Bookshop

22 Enmore Rd (100m from Newtown Station)


Leila Khaled: Hijacker. About the Hijacking of TWA flight 840 in 1969. The destination was Tel Aviv, Israel. A short while after take off Leila Khaled leaves her seat and threatens the crew with hand grenades and enters the cockpit. She takes hold of the microphone; “Ladies and gentlemen, your attentions please, kindly fasten your seat belts. This is your new Captain speaking. The Che Guevara commando unit of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine…”

thursday & friday 11-7
saturday & sunday 11-5

accessibility: there are three steps at the entrance. the toilet is not easily accessible

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What’s Cool and Unusual – 22nd October 2008

wed 22

consolador de dos caras
la campana, 53-55 liverpool st, sydney
$5 8pm

Fantastic Doug and the Cupcake Club – is a (“totally fab!”) musical pop group created in the basement Studio of the Youth Center.
— “Wow, the Cupcake Club? Yeah man they’re totally ‘off the hook’!”
— “You like the Cupcakes??! How ‘INDY’ and ‘DIFFERENT’!”
— “Woooooah dudes I was at the Cupcake Club show on Friday and they were so tight I got a hemmorhoid! And my face melted off!!!! True story”
See what I mean….?

The Warm Feelings – wizards , magic and dreams fortold by a mystical sage to dominate rock ‘ n ‘roll for one night only. Come witness the power drums and guitar can channel from dancing on the dead bones of bon scott and kurt cocaine.

The Mistakes – These guys really haven’t the faintest idea how be a successful rock and roll outfit. It’s been one drama after another over the last (god is it almost) five years. Including on stage implosions, due to excessive levels of intoxication, break ups due to unbearable levels of homo-erotic tension in the band room, a pure inability to sing correctly or even play their instruments, it has been an uphill battle for these guys. Their continuing existence is testimony to their high self-appreciation of their own particular brand of half-cocked, shambolic-punk, post-rock, almost-art, pop-n-roll, hard-wank, mess. That said one almost gets the feeling that one day, somewhere, someone may flip a coin and BAM! The Mistakes may become a credible band. But probably not


plus the HOBO PRESS ZINE launch!!


thu 23rd

Stencil exhibition
Little fish Gallery 22 enmore rd, Newtown
Local street artists of all ages and abilities presenting their work.
There will be people’s choice prizes in three categories:
best technique, best political and best humourous.
A fundraiser for little fish gallery with free wine and drinks by donation. Hopefully some live music, and probably a live auction. Great opportunity for street artists to come out of the shadows and meet their fellows.


fri 24th

12 barker st, Lewisham(just off old canterbury rd)
starts about 8pm

Simo soo + Question + Little a


sat 25th

Hornsby PCYC: 94 George St Hornsby

Polyfox and the Union of the Most Ghosts
They Kill & Eat People
The (Temperamental) Pocket
Happy Phlegm
The Snoozefests

$5 6pm
No drugs, alcohol, etc.


sat 25th

hamizalooza ’08
34 murray st, marrickville

run! hide!, dz, yeah bears, call the medic, call the nurse, bare arms, bake em away toys

8pm $8


sun 26th

Bohemian Grove (L2/68 Sophia St, Surry Hills) is tickled pink to present…

the Carl Dewhurst Trio!
Carl Dewhurst – guitar
Cameron Undy – bass
Evan Mannell – drums

Carl’s trio explore the fine lines of improvising in and out of time/tune/taste. Fortune favours the wrong. Yin/Yang says at it’s worst it’s best, at it’s best it’s bad. And we all know bad is good.

*” In this age of convergent politics and convergent art it’s refreshing to know anarchy still has a champion, and his name is Carl Dewhurst. …he is such a pure, intuitive improviser… Like a liquid, Dewhurst fills any context, but never blandly so. “*
SMH October 2007


sun 26th

6.30pm $5 donation
Black Rose will be screening Battle In Seattle. A hollywood version of the intense and inspiring events of 1999 when the World Trade Organisation (WTO) meetings in Seattle were shut down by a large cross-section of the american community – families, unions, lawyers, eco-activists, anti-racist groups and anarchists 🙂 protesting the existence of the WTO amidst volleys of rubber bullets and tear gas from riot squad police.
this film is directed, written and produced by Stuart Townsend, the same person who directed The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Aeon Flux and is the voice of Lucky Charms Leprechaun on Robot Chicken.
because of daylight savings, throughout summer movie times at black rose will be at 6:30

Black Rose Anarchist Library & Bookshop
22 Enmore Rd (100m from Newtown Station)
w: www.blackrosebooks.org
e: blackrosebooks@yahoo.com.au
P: 0424 490 792

thursday & friday 11-7
saturday & sunday 11-5

accessibility: there are three steps at the entrance. the toilet is not easily accessible


Dirty Shirlows warehouse space available for rehearsals / recordings and jammin

rehersal rates;
$20 per hour or $50 for three
there is a full 6kW’s pa, 2di boxes, 5 mics, a 12 channel mixer, HALF A DRUM KIT (bring your own snare and cymbals), friendly atmosphere, a fridge WITH BEER BY DONATION…….. what more could you want…?

hours of operation;
11am-11pm 7days

shirlows office (02) 95577377
32 shirlow street marrickvile
just  near sydenham station


and in some more self promotion – the second in the MAYBE MARS series of cd releases from new underground chinese bands came out this week – it being the self titled debut from CARSICK CARS – some sweet indie noise rock from beijing.  you can check out mp3s and video and other guff here:


++  i’ll either be at these events or wishing i was there  ++