What’s Cool and Unusual – 21st May 2008

wed 21

consolador de dos caras
la Campana, 53-55 liverpool st, the spanish 1/4, Sydney.
$5 8pm

halal, how are you?
– Rainy days, Luke’s garage, boredom, the ‘burbs, Daytona (R.I.P), margherita pizzas, bubble cars, pad thai, hungry jack’s resturaunts with the the pointless 50’s memerobillia, mixtapes, unrequited lust, adams mighty triumphant phallus…

the mistakes
– rock n roll outlaws that sound like the stooges before they sounded like the stooges

the lilies
– it’s a sound that occurs when grunge and psychedelia meet in a dark alley. There is also a strong assosciation to the fringes of the punk and new wave movements with experimental ‘post’ sounds present – an unhinged sorta vibe.

Every wednesday night club ‘consolador de dos caras’ will be changing the lyrics of that easybeats classic as midweek becomes the minds principal night of longing.

The front room is still operating as a free market with all your favourite music you never knew you liked from our irregular yet robust dj’s so bring along your music / art / publications / etc for sale while you still can . If the front room has a weird dinner party or so function that could possibly not be part of dual plover then the entrance is around the side on edgar lane.

While in the back room we’ll have 4 live acts every week for a nominal charge (usually $5 but may vary depending on touring acts). We open at 8pm and live acts in the back are between 9pm and 11:30 however the club is licensed til 6am so please feel free to stay on drink or dance to whichever dj is still playing.


wed 21

Wednesday, 21 May, 2008
Art After Hours – Art Gallery of NSW
6.30PM central court
Amanda Stewart – writer, performance poet, vocalist + Jim Denley – wind instruments and electronics
Amanda Stewart and Jim Denley first started working together in the late 1980’s. Jim was interested in what his music instinct could learn from language and Amanda what her language instinct could learn from music. Their excitement came from the creation of, for them, new types of song – symbiotic words and music. They would go on to expand the scale in the group Machine for Making Sense which started in 1989. They have continued to do duos for the last 20 years.
7.30PM Centenary Auditorium
Machine for Making Sense a music video by Stephen Jones.
The group Machine for Making Sense have been producing exploratory music and interdisciplinary work in Sydney and around the world since 1989. The group includes: Jim Denley (flutes, saxaphone and voice), Chris Mann (voice and text), Rik Rue (samples and tape), Amanda Stewart (voice and text), Stevie Wishart (violin, live electronics, hurdy-gurdy and voice). This film has them performing at the Sydney Opera House in 1994.


thu 22

sandringham hotel, newtown
$? 8pm

my precious (singapore), meaningless existence (brisbane), crux, death trap

the new my precious material is excellently executed punk/hardcore with two screamo styled vocalists.  these are some cool kids from the DIY scene in singapore so go say hello and ask them about it – maybe your band will play there one day.


fri 23

Friday 23rd May: Opening forum
6:30 pm at Australia Hall, 150 Elizabeth Street, Sydney

Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th May:
Panels, Discussion & Workshops
Redfern Community Centre, Hugo Street, Redfern

Speakers include:
Larissa Behrendt
Vince Forrester
Tom Calma (tbc)
Heather Goodall
Sam Watson
Mick Dodson (tbc)
Barbara Shaw

Conference sessions include:
*History of the struggle
*Unions and Aboriginal rights
*Resisting the new paternalism

Almost one year since the NT intervention began, there is a pressing need for the Aboriginal Rights movement to come together, consolidate recent gains and plan for the fight ahead.

The new Rudd Government has made some important symbolic gestures – from the apology through to commitments to ‘Close the Gap’ in Indigenous health. But for communities in the NT, Rudd is now the face of an intervention which is causing a new wave of dispossession and, as argued by Mutitjulu elder Vince Forrester, “a return to Apartheid”.

Welfare quarantines, the destruction of Community Employment Development Projects (CDEP) and the compulsory acquisition of Aboriginal lands, businesses and services has forced thousands of people from their communities into urban centres. There they are met with racism and police repression – 190 people were taken into custody in Alice Springs on 4-5 April in an operation targeting “anti-social behaviour”.

The ideas of paternalism, assimilation and the free-market driving the intervention, and pushed so hard by the Howard government, are impacting on Aboriginal policy across the country. From the Queensland government’s decision to continue holding stolen wages “in trust”, the “mainstreaming” of Indigenous services which continues, through to the burgeoning national roll out of punitive welfare policies, a policy consensus has emerged in government and media against self-determination.

The new government is actively campaigning for retention and expansion of the explicitly racist intervention laws. They refuse to acknowledge the social break down taking place. They continue to deny Aboriginal people the basic human rights of protections against discrimination or rights to appeal.

2,000 people marched in Canberra on February 12, demanding an end to the intervention and campaign groups have been established iwn the major cities. Many trade unionists and activists in the broader community have recognised the need to actively challenge the racism of the intervention and renew the fight for Aboriginal rights around the country.

The upcoming conference aims to strengthen the networks that have been formed through this campaign. This conference will look to successful struggles from the past and hear from the strong communities leaders of today – to advance the politics of self-determination and forge demands and strategy for the ongoing campaign against the intervention.

Any groups wishing to become more involved in the campaign through organising and running a workshop at the conference are invited to register their interest with the organisers. For further information, please contact aboriginalrightscoalition @ gmail . com (with spaces removed).


fri 23

Date:   Friday, May 23, 2008
Time:   7:00pm – 11:55pm
Location:       Little Fish Gallery
Street: 22 Enmore Rd
City/Town:      Newtown, Australia

S.C.A.R. Print Project is a series of print making workshops and exhibitions happening across australia in march, april and may.
These workshops and events bring together folks who are survivors, folks who support survivors and folks who work to end sexual violence/abuse in our immediate communities and in the wider world. They will give space for people to creatively express their feelings around this shit and be supported and recognised as having valid and important voices (individually and collectively)
S.C.A.R. prints is a World Without project (Melbourne’s community response to sexual assault group) www.worldwithout.org

There will be music and an exhibit of heaps of prints from the workshops, plus an auction of the prints with all money raised going to World Without


fri 23

22 fotherigham st, stanmore

walrora, fail

bands start after scar auction at little fish


sat 24

Paradise Lost
Dirty Shirlows, 32 Shirlow St, Marrickville
$10 10pm

Hey hey you Cool Cats & Jivin’ Jo’s
get your groove on and come on down to Dirty Shirlows this Saturday night for some disco diving delights…
Get your leg warmers, head bands, tights, short shorts,  skates,  shoulder moves , blush , butt bounce ,
and loved up eyes ready for a surprise !
HHmmmmm feelin feisty check out www.paradiselost.net.au if you wanna taste the tunes.
God Dam come get your swinging sweet groove on baby….

PS – there will be a lock out once we’re full at Shirlows this w/e so make sure ya get in early for a full physical body visual and aural experience


sun 25

Make sure to to come to the MCA on Sunday May 25 – because we are having a Zine Fair!
There will be loads of stuff to buy, sell, trade as well as live music and great panel discussions.

Watch this space as the program is announced…
A hard copy program guide designed by Keg de Souza will be available at the MCA from May 9

Interested in booking a stall?
Call 02 9245 2484 or www.mca.com.au/events
$10 per table or half a table for $5

New to zines and want to find out more?
DATE: Sunday 11 May, 1.00pm-5.00pm
COST: $30/$25 Members & concessions
For further info and to book go to www.mca.com.au/events


sun 25

to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the French uprising in May 1968, there is going to be a screening of ‘The Grin Without a Cat (Le Fond de l’air est rouge)’ – an epic elegy to the new left and the contradictions that swept the world in 1967 and 1968.
It includes an amazing collection of footage from the streets of France as well as from around the world.

PLUS there will also be a launch of a zine all about May 1968.

Where: Black Rose Anarchist Library, 22 Enmore Rd, Newtown (100m from Newton station).
When: 5pm, Sunday May 25th.
entry by donation ($5 or what you can)

Black Rose Anarchist Library & Bookshop
22 Enmore Rd (100m from Newtown Station)
e: blackrosebooks@yahoo.com.au
P: 0424 490 792

thursday & friday 11-7
saturday & sunday 11-5

accessibility: there are three steps at the entrance.  the toilet is not easily accessible


mon 26

The NOW now Series 2008 #3

louise dibben (electronics and visuals)
blake freele (electronics and computer)

aemon webb (electronics)
aaron clarke (electronics, vocals)

kate wilson (drums)
steph (guitar, vocals)
kallie (vocals)
kate mara (accordion)

Serial Space 33 Wellington Street Chippendale 8pm $10 + $8


i’ll actually be in melbourne this weekend – friday is my precious/ampere double bill! and saturday is quebec’s second last ever show (with my disco, ampere, daimond sea and majorca! – how’s that for a line up!)

++  i’ll either be at these events or wishing i was there  ++

Let me know your thoughts

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