What’s Cool and Unusual – 12th May 2009

sat 16

“The Place To Be” 105 Crown Lane, Darlinghurst
10:15pm – 11:30pm
Email: diepunk***@yahoo.com

Gallucci is hosting it’s laneway shoot around in Darlinghurst this Saturday
evening 10:15pm. Seems the basketball is becoming more popular than the music,
no big surprise there…. ‘The Place’ is located on Crown Lane in
Darlinghurst – behind Bill & Toni’s. Museum Station is nearby. Get in
touch if you’d like this explained more clearly http://www.diepunkdeath.com


sat 16

Serial Space
33 Wellington St, Chippendale
8pm $? ALL AGES

Golden Diskó Ship (berlin)
jasmina maschina (berlin)
garbage and the flowers


sat 16

dirty shirlows, 32 shirlow street
6pm start

Dj Treason (UK/Edinburgh)
Al Corrupt
Dislasystem; (live)
DJ HateNoise


sat 16

Newtown Cemetery

Cougar Flashy, Stono Caves, The Lurkers and many others.

everyone should bring instruments and food and join in.


sun 17

Lewisham, NSW
11:00am – 4:30pm
So the MCA Zine Fair is on 24 May & some friends and I want to get together in the one place to make zines. Bring along whatever zine/craft/art you’ve been working on, have a little chat with those around you, make some new friends, eat some snacks.

We’ll also be making a little zine on the day (you can do your own page) & then we’ll make it up 10+ copies each and you can sell it or give it away at the MCA Zine Fair. Even if you don’t have a table at the fair, you can still trade it with other stallholders.

There’ll be live music from a couple people, a picnic in the yard, nice drinks & warm company. You’re welcome to bring someone if you like. Just let us know.

For more information see http://zines.wordpress.com


sun 17

An Audio Visual Collaborative Collision
Featuring Robyn Wilson, Jack Dibben, Anthony Garvin, Jordana Maisie, Kirin J
Callinan & Morning Stalker

Sunday 17 May 2009
Black & Blue Gallery
302/267 – 271 Cleveland Street, Redfern

View of Courage is proud to present ‘Forever the Motion’, an audio visual collaborative performance featuring a unique cluster of highly progressive Sydney-based artists and musicians – Robyn Wilson, Jack Dibben, Anthony Garvin,
Jordana Maisie, Kirin J Callinan and Morning Stalker. Incorporating original compositions in music and sound design, video art, costume and movement, just 100 tickets will be released for the event, one that is set to be a cataclysm of
intense visual beauty and aural splendor.

Each individual creative holds a solid grounding in the Sydney art and music milieux, with a diversity of backgrounds that lay rich the context from which the forms and messages of the evening will transpire.

The key performance ‘Forever the Motion’ will feature Robyn Wilson (vox, costume, movement), a multi-disciplinary artist and musician who grounds the conceptual basis of the headline performance, as her personal journey shapes it.
This project embodying the next evolution in her ongoing fascination with the marriage of audio and visual practices into one momentous, multi-dimensional experience.

The original score also features the composition and performance of musician Jack Dibben (guitar, live fx), whose superb experimental approach invests heavily in a unique, improvisational sound aesthetic. Plus the remarkable
Anthony Garvin (live fx, sound design), whose production expertise brings a transformative ability to process and shape sound as it is created.

The video element of the key performance will feature the new media and electronic artist Jordana Maisie, whose interactive approach, exemplified throughout her video and sound works, will underpin a temporal association
between the aural, visual and physical realms.

The nature of the piece has a basis in continuity and cyclical progression and the correlation between expressive media and artistic interpretation.

Across five immediately consecutive movements, the performance elaborates experiential abstractions of the process of self, in action and progression. It attempts to explore the inherent balance of impetuosity and inevitability in our
decisions and the ways in which they ramify. Highly personal in its motivations, ‘Forever the Motion’ extrapolates the subjective mapping of an emotional experience in terms of transferable universals: black and white, sound and
silence, light and dark, perfection and defacement, stasis and motion, shattering and coalescence. These pairs are not binaries but continuums along which the five movements flow gesturally and conceptually.

The blurring of roles, boundaries, media and authorship, that underlie the examination of process and progress enacted imbue ‘Forever the Motion’ with a vitality and originality that places this special collaboration in an interesting position in the Sydney art scene.

Also featuring on the night, as an epic solo act, will be the strikingly distinguished, increasingly prominent Kirin J Callinan, a captivating musician-performer, of eminent Sydney band Mercy Arms and the explosive incidentalists Fashion Launches Rocket Launches. Beautiful, stirring, undeniable

  • Kirin is a vital figure in the current Sydney creative landscape. His approach to his shows “offer me a gig, I’ll give you a performance” speaks for itself.

Plus experimental, ambient soundscape 3-piece Morning Stalker made up of Morgan McKellar (guitar, live fx, vocals), Simon Oh (bass sax) and Marc Chomiki (drums) will lay forth the first layer of aural carpet throughout the unique and
splendorous space of Black & Blue Gallery.

There will be a live sound and video recording captured on the night, to then be produced as an independent audio visual piece due for release late-August. It is with great pleasure for View of Courage to announce that the sound
recording will be mixed and mastered at Studios 301, Australia’s most prestigious recording studios.



Includes entry, liquid alcoholic refreshments and a limited edition print featuring concept essay by writer Bethany Small

Strictly 100 tickets released Monday 27 April 09 at http://www.viewofcourage.com
Purchase via the View of Courage online store


sun 17

jura books
440 Parramatta Rd, Petersham

cougar flashy, polyfox and the union of most ghosts + more

9550 9931


sun 17

Palace Norton St, Leichardt.

-> A new anarchist film is showing at the Spanish Film Festival – The Anarchist’s Wife. Set during the harrowing years of the Spanish Civil War, this drama tells the story of one young couple?s love in the face of terrible obstacles. For more details: http://www.spanishfilmfestival.com/sydney/films_war3.html . Jura will have a
book stall outside each cinema for a couple of hours before each screening.

++ i’ll either be at these events or wishing i was there ++

Let me know your thoughts

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