When not found in the warehouses and alleyways – 20th May 2011

Group: ‘I Want Live Music Venues – So I Go To Gigs

A few bands headed out to Orange last year – I think folks are keen to play outside Sydney even if the audience is small.

Hmm – in the punk scene Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth have new vital music scenes and Melbourne bands travelling to there (and Sydney) say how much better it is than Melbourne. Get out of the pubs and make your own venues.

There’s a whole stack of things on tonight outside mainstream venues. I reckon I’ve been to about 6 shows in the last 18 months at regular ‘pub’ venues but I still manage to get to see bands every weekend. I love Sydney!

I’m mostly at Black Wire (blackwiretocommonground.blogspot.com) when not found in the warehouses and alleyways of Marrickville.

Red Rattler also has a good show tonight with UV Race, Holy Balm and Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys (not far from the international noise conference venues) – redrattler.org

Let me know your thoughts

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