Hinterlandt – Migration Motion Movement – 1st September 2011

Cat #: 076TZM

“Migration Motion Movement” is the eleventh full-length album by Hinterlandt. Following “All Things Considered”, a collection of rock-oriented songs recorded as a full band in 2009 in Germany, this new release sees chief architect Jochen Gutsch going solo again. 

After his return to Sydney/Australia, Jochen decided to get back into more experimental territory, writing a new live set for multi-instrumentalist solo performances. This new album mirrors the live set, in which Jochen uses electronics, trumpet, electric guitar, xylophone, effects, field recordings, and live loops. 

“Migration Motion Movement” is an uncompromising and demanding album offering extensive, detailed and focused compositions. However, it also follows an enjoyable and accessible narrative, inviting listeners to partake in the journey. 

Hinterlandt is a Sydney-based solo act playing long compositions encompassing beautiful harmonies, complex rhythms, fragile ambiences, as well as occasional patches of noise and silence. The approach celebrates musical diversity as much as unusual sounds. 

Hinterlandt has taken on a variety of live formats, performing in places such as Sydney, London, Bangkok, Helsinki, Melbourne, Rome, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Berlin, and many others. Eleven studio albums were released on nine underground labels in five countries.

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