Alternative China – 1st March 2012

Alternative China tumblr

Duck Fight Goose, Morgan Short, Smart Shanghai, Brad Ferguson, The National, Rustic, 2Kolegas, Ningxia, City Weekend, Hedgehog, Pangbianr, Layabozi, Xiao Hong Yu Xiao Xiao Hong, Altered Zones, Sally Can’t Dance, Josh Feola, Zhu Wenbo, Genjing, SMZB, Wuhan, Si Dou Le, Suyin, Joyside, The Scoff, Carsick Cars, Next Year’s Love, Andy Best, Kungfuology, Beijing Daze, The Amazing Insurance Salesman, Residence A, Soviet Pop, Snapline, Deadly Cradle Death, Beijing Underground, Hemispheres Magazine, Omnipotent Youth Society, Time Out

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