Torturing Nurse – Survive/Life – 20th April 2012

Cat #: 094TZM

At the end of 2011 contact was made with specialist lathe press label Bubutz Records in Italy to issue a Torturing Nurse recording on one-sided clear vinyl with a light wooden back. The process was derailed slightly as the very hard highband frequencies supplied by Torturing Nurse were damaging the cutting system! The initial run of 30 was reduced to just the 9 requested by Torturing Nurse and tenzenmen as Bubutz didn’t want to risk any further damage to their equipment! 

Update 23/9/2012: New versions now available but very limited due to the high cost involved in manufacture. These items made in the USA and only 2 copies of each were ever produced.

Photography: Contiero & Diacci 
Design: Antonio Contiero

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