Seaworthy and Hinterlandt (Vivid) – 7th June 2012

21st May 2021 – If memory serves me correctly, and it may not, and Jochen may be able to verify, but I’m pretty sure I picked him up and drove him and his one man band to this show. Put on as part of the annual Vivid Festival (festival of light, right?) at a small art gallery at the Rocks it was pretty much the perfect place for these two musicians. It was a nice relaxing evening and I remember chatting with Dimity (who took the attached photos and posted to her blog.) Jochen played first and afterwards we chatted about hardcore as he was drinking some red wine, myself Coopers Red and then watch Cam (Seaworthy) play. I like the Rocks at night time – you can feel the history there. This night made a minor addition to that history.

Jochen blowing his own trumpet

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