Hira Hira – Now Here Nowhere – 1st July 2012

Cat #: 103TZM

Life is hard for Hira Hira and they certainly let you know about it on their debut record Now Here Nowhere. Written over the past twelve months, the album touches on themes of cats stuck in trees and probably other things as well.

During the summer they spent 10 days out in the middle of the cheese capital of Australia to swim in waterholes, get sucked on by leeches and record the album. What they came away with was a raw and loud affair. An honest reflection of what the band is.

It should be mentioned that you can listen to the tracks, maybe show them to other people on your website/radio/home stereo and that maybe, if you’re around come to a show and buy heaps of merchandise.

All songs written by Hira Hira
Recorded by Mike Morgan
Mastered by Andrew Edgson @ Studios 301

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