Alternative China – 6th August 2012

Alternative China tumblr

Painkiller Magazine, Genjing, Nevin Domer, Aweh.TV, Josh Feola, Tiny Mix Tapes, Cui Jian, 100 Flowers, Yan Jun, Duck Fight Goose, Battle Cattle, Chris B, HK Underground, Jon Campbell, Jake Newby, Xiao Zhong, Next Year’s Love, Time Out, Uptown Records, Andy Best, Top Floor Circus, Kungfuology, Pangbianr, Inseparable, David O’Dell, Jerry Chan, Rainbow Danger Club, Shanghaiist, Shanghai 24/7, 2Kolegas, Beijing Daze, Miserable Faith, Zhangbei, Pilot Records, China Music Radar, Inner City Music Festival, Torturing Nurse, lllllllllllHH, NOIShanghai, Arrebato, World of Chinese, Liz Tung

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