Alternative China – 6th March 2013

Alternative China tumblr

Jue Festival, Feima, Astrofuck, SVRO, Livinglovingmaid, Rainbow Danger Club, Wang Xu, The Gar, Zhang Shouwang, Michael Pettis, Danwei, Carsick Cars, The Agenda, White+, Alpine Decline, China Radio International, Ivan Belcic, Death To Giants, SMZB, Wuhan, Morgan Short, Beijing Cream, Fanzui Xiangfa, Nevin Domer, Chui Wan, Lin Xinyu, Yan Yulong, Club Niubi, Jonathan Campbell, Subs, Black Snakes, Bluoinartinfo, DS-13, Zhang Sian, Djang San, The Amazing Insurance Salesman, Time Out, Ricky Maymi, Slinkrat, My Bloody Valentine, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Yantiao, Colourful Z-bra, Belly Mountain, Islet, Chinese Football, The Fuzz, Round Eye, Cheesemind, Your Boyfriend Sucks, Naohai, Lowbow, Next Year’s Love, Thruoutin, LuXinPei, The Last Three Minutes, Splice Today

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