What’s Cool and Unusual – 26th June 2013

Fri 28

Black Wire Records, 219 Parramatta Rd, Annandale
6pm $10 ALL AGES

Tired Minds
Ghosts (final show)
The Reverend Jesse Custer
Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt
Yo, Put That Bag Back on


Fri 28

Jura Books, 440 Parramatta Rd, Petersham

DEQY Presents: New Boyfriend, Palmar Grasp & Everything I Own Is Broken


Fri 28

Paragon Cafe, 65 Katoomba St, Katoomba.
28th June, 7 – 8.45pm 28th June, 7 – 8.45

$15 / $8 conc.
Sound Bites is a monthly performance forum of music, improvisation, poetry, spoken word and sound-art in Katoomba’s original Art-Deco Café – Paragon Café. This month ‘s event is presented in collaboration with the Goethe-Institute and will feature:


Andrew Brooks is a saxophonist, improviser and curator creating work which draws from jazz, improvised and experimental traditions. His music explores the intersection between composition and improvisation and focuses on a ‘collective-interactive process’ between the musicians. Amongst many things, Andrew is a co-director of the NOW now series and festival of exploratory music, a co-conveyor of the Splinter Orchestra, a co-presenter of the experimental radio program Shepherd Tones on Eastside Radio and a co-founder of the independent record label and creative music network‚ Listen/Hear Collective‚ an artist-run initiative. http://www.andrewbrooksmusic.com/

John Wilton is a Sydney drummer involved in rock, jazz, and experimental music scenes. He plays in Nhomea, Yard Duty, the Splinter Orchestra, Project Collective Unit, Ur 1st Luv, and a number of collaborations with various improvisers including Rishin Singh, Andrew Brooks, and Jeremy Tartar. He performed at the 2012 and 2013 NOW now festivals and has since become a co-director of the organisation. He was also recently involved in the Australian premiers of works by Austin Buckett, Cat Hope, and Peter Ablinger on New Music Up Late on ABC Radio.

HINTERLANDT is a German-Australian solo act juggling string and wind instruments, electronic sounds, percussion and effects. Composed parts are merged with improvised sections to create one piece of music and sound. Hinterlandt has released eleven studio albums on nine underground labels in five countries. Having already played in places such as Sydney, London, Melbourne, Bangkok, Berlin, Helsinki, Rome, Brisbane, Amsterdam, Lisbon, etc. Hinterlandt is looking forward to add Katoomba to the list.

SCHNEIDER TM is a traveling sound artist from Germany sponsored by Goethe-Institut. He has been touring extensively and putting out semi-electronic indie albums on City Slang etc. but he also did more experimental collaborations with Oren Ambarchi, Jochen Arbeit (Einstürzende Neubauten), Pan Sonic, Damo Suzuki (Can) etc. etc. His current set Construction Sounds is an abstract body of work based on field recordings. http://www.schneidertm.net/


Sat 29

Black Wire Records, 219 Parramatta Rd, Annandale

Making + Roku Music + Yes, I’m Leaving + Sour Cream


Sat 29

The Red Rattler Theatre, 6 Faversham St. Marrickville
8pm $15 ALL AGES

Sydney’s long-running electronic act, ollo, are leaving our fair shores, and this will be their final show. Featuring performances from friends such as Liz Martin, and a selection of DJs, ollo will be going out with a Shebang! Pow! Plop! Whizzzzzzz! (to quote Bardot/Gainsbourg).

And get your pens and paper ready as at some point in the show they’ll be improvising lyrics based on your suggestions once again…

Their third album ‘Ape Delay’, released last year, made the SMH best of 2012 list, and was nominated for the Australian Music Prize.

$15 (part of the door charge
goes to Save the Rat!)
Find out more at ollo.net.au.


Sat 29

Tin Sheds Spots #3 – Schneider TM (GER), Scissorlock, Steffan Ianigro
Tin Sheds Spots in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut Australia.

Not actually in the tin sheds gallery

Back to the Old School – meaning that this one is back in the Darlington Old School Building, not that we’ll be playing 80s hip hop, although SchneiderTM is a guy who has been around long enough to have seen some genres come and go. We’re pleased to welcome him to Sydney and perform his Construction Sounds set. In support are two Conservatorium alumni who are pushing at the edges.

Schneider TM (Germany): electronics and recorded industrial sound from Berlin, w visuals by paniK
Scissor Lock: electronics and voice
Steffan Ianigro: gas cylinder bells and electronics

Old Darlington School (Maze Crescent, University of Sydney, Darlington)


Sun 30

Alaska Projects (Level 2, Kings X Carpark, 9A Elizabeth Bay Road, Kings X)

“The power of the music – what it gives you and does to you, where it takes you – seems impossible, like sorcery or subatomic physics, considering its simplicity. It’s like the sun; and then the moon. How does it do that? It encompasses, more dimensional even than light, instantly, and not by force but sympathy. It changes everything.”

  • Richard Hell, Go Now

Contemporary music and art magazine World’s Only and Kings Cross gallery space Alaska Projects come together again in the ninth free concert in the MUSICAL ALASKA series, Tribes. Exploring the mystical and transcendent power of music and what it means to perform it as a group, Tribes will feature two very unconventional orchestras: improvised music stalwarts The Splinter Orchestra alongside the very new Alaska Orchestra in their fourth performance together.


Mon 1

@ 401 Hibernian House
342 Elizabeth St,
Surry Hillz
doors 7pm, sounds 7:30pm


// Dale Gorfinkel (melb) //
modified trumpet

::: Té :::
Kynan Tan (perth) + Andrew Brooks
electronic and acoustic sounds

Aemon Webb // Adam Sussman (bris) // Laurence Williams
double guitars + drums

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