What’s Cool and Unusual – 17th July 2013


The Red Rattler Theatre Inc exists due to the hard work and commitment of many many volunteers.

The space is always looking for dedicated volunteers, to help staff events, and assist us to maintain and improve the theatre.

If you’re interested in being part of Sydney’s much loved creative playground please email:

Let us know how you’d like to help.


Wed 17

Beatdisc Records, Shop 11/181 Church Street, Parramatta



Sat 20

Black Wire, 219 Parramatta Rd, Annandale



Sat 20

Jura Books, 440 Parramatta Rd, Petersham
5pm Entry by donation.
All funds raised will go to the Bradley Manning Support Network.

‘We steal secrets’ film screening.

‘Now, I’m going to be very candid, right? We steal secrets…’ So says Michael Hayden, the head of the CIA under Presidents Bush II and Obama. This isn’t a huge surprise: States have been keeping their own secrets and trying to steal ours for as long as we’ve had to live under them. But in 2006, they suddenly faced some competition. An international, online, non-profit organisation appeared, founded by an Australian and dedicated to providing a secure and anonymous way for those of us with access to corporate and government secrets to safely make them public.

Even before the massive historic leaks of US government data in 2010, Wikileaks had released some incredible information. Financial scandals in Iceland and Switzerland, corruption in the Kenyan Government, the membership list of the right-wing British National Party, oil scandals in Peru and our own Government’s secret list of websites which are illegal for Australians to view. Then in 2010 came the biggest release of private information in human history: 92,000 reports from the frontlines of the War on Afghanistan, 400,000 more from the War on Iraq, then 251,000 written by US Embassies around the world, including hundreds from Canberra.

‘We Steal Secrets: The Story of Wikileaks’ is a powerful new documentary film, written and directed by Alex Gibney (‘Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room’, ‘Taxi to the Dark Side’). It takes a critical look at the organisation and the two people most closely associated with it, Julian Assange and Bradley Manning. Featuring interviews with Assange, Adrian Lamo, Michael Hayden and one of the Swedish womyn who made the allegations of sexual assault against Assange, as well as current and former Wikileaks volunteers, there’s a lot here to keep us informed and angry in the age of the PRISM.

Let me know your thoughts

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