Is the cup half empty? – 25th January 2018

The house was empty now but my mum was here somewhere.  So was my stash; gotta find it before she does; we got a plane to catch.

It’s not here.  Where is she?  I started running around the plaza.  Got it!  A big bag of blue and white crystals, I dip a wet finger in and suck my digit like a lollipop.  Shit!  There she is, she’s coming.  “The plane leaves soon, we have to catch the train now!  What are you doing?”

download (1).jpg

I run off. “Nothing!” I dig a finger in again and pull out a huge amount of amphetamine.  Shit, shit, shit.  I can’t take this on the plane but I don’t want to leave it behind!  I’m going to be hyper if I take any more though.  Mum will wonder why I can’t stop talking (I’m usually pretty quiet).  I sniff some up and rub the rest on my gums.  Fuck it!

The Beastie Boys wake me up.  Damn it’s hot.  Why can’t I just sleep for another 12 hours?


20 Questions Version

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