Dream your dreams, you’ll wanna take them back – 6th February 2021

January disappeared. Little sweaty from workout – thighs hurt – let’s stretch. Shower and coffee as reward. This is the first time I’ve actually managed to motivate myself on the weekend – proud of myself.
Dinner tonight with George, Dylan and B – Indian. Heavy food, will have late lunch.
Thinking about today but trying to empty my mind. My mind is always busy.
Locals gab outside, audible as the village is so quiet.
Nice temperature at 7 am. Want to listen to music, read books, dream dreams.
Slept so well last night don’t recall any dreams.
Are we really going to buy a leaf blower – it looks like it, leaves are crazy everywhere at the moment.

Gratitude Journal

I am so happy and grateful for my hamstrings. I am working them out so much and they ache continuously but it’s a good pain – a pain of growing. The pain in my neck I’m not so sure but I hope I can work that out too. Thank you body for holding together so far.
I am so happy and grateful for my work as a teacher. I don’t consider it a job because it is so fulfilling. I love the kids.

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