Poems on this day – 18th May 2021

Now I Know Too Much

Once I was young and stupid
But my head was full of dreams
Now I’m older and know too much
Everything is exactly what it seems
Gone are the days of wonder
Staring into the night sky
Now I’m older and wiser
My time has passed me by
If I could take my wisdom
Back into my past
Live my life all over again
Live everyday as if my last

Last Poem

A poem these days is a question
Statements less obvious as I age
I learned that I know little
But I always return to the page
Am I questioning you
For an answer in reply?
Or just repeating life’s queries
As we all do before we die?
I really have no expectation
Just floating my thoughts in the air
There’s always more to learn
On the path to becoming aware
How far I am in my journey?
I guess I’ll never know
This could be my last poem
It may be my time to go

Chosen and Peculiar

It may seem a little odd
When I say ‘I am the one’
A singular lightning rod
Pointed at the sun
I know my reason
Though it may not be clear
It may not be my season
Yet my day is coming near
When the sun flares
With energy to fuel ya’
I’m beyond those cares
Chosen and peculiar

Let me know your thoughts

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