Ode For Kim – 30th May 2021

Kim Chi was sleeping a lot. It’s normal for cats, we know. She still rolled and stretched herself and purred at a tummy rub. Her body felt hot – not so strange for a cat that has been curled up and the outside temperature is close to 40 degrees. But this type of hot, which I cannot ideally name, didn’t feel quite right. To describe it, it is not like a surface heat but a heat radiating from inside, under the fur, skin and meat.

And then she stopped eating. Again, this happens sometimes when it’s too hot – just a loss of appetite. But these signs combined led us to a trip to the vet – again – she was there only three weeks ago for a fighting wound.

Her temperature was high so they ran some blood tests which indicated that she has measles. Our neighbour had recently told us that many cats in the village had died from measles so this news was a little worrying. Then on top of that the tests also showed she has leukaemia…. This will most likely mean a shortened life and complications with any illnesses she may have.

This news is devastating but I also tried to be rational and consider that she was delivered to us in a bucket, on the way to the temple where she most likely would have led a terrible life. We have given her love and a home she may not have received otherwise. I hope her weak little body can fight through this illness. We cherish every day with the love of our cats. As arrogant, yet more loveable than most humans.

You are one crazy cat
Delivered to us in a tub
Squeaking and all that
Climbing out for a rub
Covered in dirt you were
Until we scrubbed you clean
Nothing seemed to deter
You from going off unseen
You became the princess
Even though a boy
Fearless curious interest
Everything a toy
Grown into your own tales
Sometimes battered and bleeding
You’re one that never fails
Giving me the love I’m needing
Every day a blessing
For the nine lives you abuse
Eight and we are stressing
This is the last one you can use

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