David Icke’s Dog – 27th April 2022

Starseed shamans sharing their lizard dreams
Cosmic potential activated through DNA streams
The memories of all those galactic lives
Are proof to all that the multiverse survives
The message from above is the need to cull
Cast away, the disabled, the dark and the dull
The masters walk among us mere meat mortals
Downloaded to the metaverse through telepathic portals
The fallback plan is to evacuate to Mars
On Aryan ships fuelled by red dwarf stars
Go and build your superior master race
Leave the rest of us here, happy in our place

Inspired by a Jules Evans post on conspirituality and the connection between eugenics and fascism. At the same time watching the fourth season of The Man in the High Castle.

Little syphons the joy of life more surely than the wasted energy of indignation at how others have failed to behave in accordance with what we expected of them.

Maria Popova

The Week That Was – 10th June 1979

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