Final Absence – 30th April 2022

How to live is about how to die
Looking through this lens of a mountain
Any amount of life is enough
Let’s make do with its meaning
Dusting off the childhood discoveries
The horizon’s shimmer slows us down
The trees and the tides restless
Colours that are no longer heard
Time collapsed, reappears or not
These are the stranger things
An empty glass sits on the table
Radiating a crystal eternity
The night turns to different shades
So savour its infinite richness
The fires are burning from the inside
Bodies black and grey, becoming ash

inspired by Maria Popova writing about Stel Adnan’s ‘Shifting the Silence’

Many situations in life are similar to going on a hike: the view changes once you start walking. You don’t need all the answers right now. New paths will reveal themselves if you have the courage to get started.

James Clear

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