Not So Sure – 16th June 2022

What the hell was that dream?
Our little band of brothers
Was on the run from ‘the man’
Though why I’m not so sure
We were on the move
Trying to stay one step ahead
We had the guns and merch
It seemed too much to carry
We couldn’t load it all up in time
And one by one, we were picked off
Then it was just us two left
You and I became slaves
To the over-mother, naked
Forcing us to drink her ejaculations
In the hope of impregnation
For a new master race
To take over the changed world
2000AD is a future past
Eugenics, so last century
Dreaming a fever dream
Not so sure what’s real anymore

We choose to believe that the game is fair…we prefer not to think too much about the depth of our liberty to choose.

Robert Greene

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