Nucking Futs – 24th August 2022

Eating belly jeans, listening to a bad salad
Considering the plaster man
My prubarb rye was wise prinning
As only my bunch luffet can
I was pit-nicking and nucking futs
Going over to the sark died
Sod rest her goal, it reamed so seal
Now those birty dirds have flied

Humans have an infinite capacity for denying the truth.

Judge Death, 2000AD
I took this picture because this is my first day using this app and I have to start somewhere.

Today I started using an app called Day One, the free version of which lets you add a picture each day with the prompt of why you took it. The app also prompts for other things such as below:

Today I’m grateful for:
Finding this app and to see if it is useful for me. I’ve been writing my gratitude journal on paper for 18 months or so and want to try a mobile app again.

The Week That Was – 4th November 1979

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