Body At War – 2nd September 2022

My body’s at war with my brain
One or the other is broken again
My aching joints keep me awake
I wonder how much more I can take
As I sink into deeper depression
My muscles dissolve in regression
Ever-declining circles of pain
My body’s at war with my brain

You’ve got to hand it to capitalism, convincing everyone that ‘freedom’ meant obeying your boss or starving was a pretty incredible achievement.

Existential Comics

Today I’m grateful for:
The gardeners for coming and taking care of things whilst I was at work. It’s nice to come home and everything looking respectable. They even collected all the passion fruit up from the ground for me.
The best thing about today was:
Talking with my students – as is often the case. Each time I communicate with them I hope it improves their confidence even just a little. As more students talk to me, others find the courage too.

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