Scoliosis – 14th September 2022

A sword to the spine, straight to the heart
Falling down, broken up and busted
Youth degeneration from the start
In a body that can’t be trusted

The disparity between the glittering world that people watch and the bleak world they inhabit creates a collective schizophrenia.

Chris Hedges

Today I’m grateful for:
The sun coming out a little bit so that I could do some washing. It’s been raining or cool and cloudy for the last ten days or so. I’m grateful it was today too as I only have one class in the morning and can come home early.
The best thing about today was:
Receiving some shirts and shorts from Monotone. So long as I don’t fatten up again and they don’t shrink in the wash then they should be fine. I’ll also buy some more pants next month. Glad that I can find this shop online as I like their style.

I took this picture because I will get this as a tattoo sometime. It is the Cardiacs chimes.

The Week That Was – 9th December 1979

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