There You Are – 8th January 2023

No matter which road you take
You’ll always sigh
And wish you’d taken another
Yet no error is a true mistake
Do you know why?
Because really, there is no other

inspired by The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost, who wrote the first three lines in a letter to Edward Thomas, whom the poem was written for.

Today I’m feeling:
Pretty good, a little weird that Amy, who fills up my world when here, is gone again. Just me and the cats.
Today I’m grateful for:
A customer at Utopia who I’ve seen there before greeted me this morning. I returned the greeting and will try to chat more with him in future.
The best thing about today was:
Getting a bit of motivation back, though it took until it got dark again for me to start actioning it. I cleared a few emails in backlog, picked up the guitar again and sorted out more of the neverending files of new music to enjoy.
What was out of your control today and how did you handle it?
I told Amy about our broken pipe perhaps in the hope that she knew who could fix it. She called to her parents and soon they were here and dad was hacking away at the concrete around the pipe. I wasn’t sure how necessary that was or what he was trying to do, but I let him get on with it. Amy’s dad is ok at fixing things but they are done with ease in mind rather than aesthetics. Much as I would do if I attempted to fix things and that’s why I usually prefer to pay someone to do it instead. Dad gave up in the end and said he’ll find a plumber and come back. I think it would’ve been better to have come to that decision before hacking away at stuff. I’m grateful for his attempt and I didn’t really get involved. The plumber will come tomorrow and let’s hope it’s not just some guy who dad knows can fix stuff better than him. After they left I ate lunch and forgot all about it.
Something I learned today?
The name of the game being played in the Lahu village yesterday was Khosue (in Lahu) or Lukon (?) in Thai. I’m not sure I got the Thai word right as I only heard it spoken.
Can you save your time?
This is a weird question. Can I, do I, did I? I’m not sure what it’s getting at. Time is not something that can be saved. Does it mean, can you do something more quickly? Perhaps, probably. But to what end? I could get other people to do everything for me and revoke any reason to live!

I took this picture because in my effort this morning to do some gardening I snapped the pipe that the hose attaches to. The world is testing me.

Let me know your thoughts

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