Distracted – 10th January 2023

Distracted by all the screens
Triggering more dreams
Trying just to do
Distracted again by you
An hour as a minute
There’s no way to spin it
Things ain’t gonna get done
When distracted by more fun
Distracted by dumb emotions
And ridiculous devotions
Chasing the sublime, absurd
Distracted by every word
No doctor claimed ADHD
Because the things distracting me
Are distracting everyone
No one’s getting things done
Now normal is distraction
Five seconds of satisfaction
Distracted to even complete

Today I’m feeling:
Relaxed again
Today I’m grateful for:
To the traffic warden waving my offer to pay away as she crossed the road. I think she guessed I wasn’t staying long as I parked across a driveway and a no-parking zone. This is Thailand!
The best thing about today was:
Today has been consistent, maybe average you might say. Nothing stands out yet all the little wins were pushing the way to the positive. I like days like this.
What was out of your control today and how did you handle it?
Some students didn’t come to class and I got told that one of them got hit in the eye and probably the others thought they could slouch off and give her comfort. They soon appeared in the playground after class and I contemplated railing on them but decided not to. They got marked absent on the system so I don’t need to care any further. Though I would prefer them to do the right thing, pushing too hard can have a detrimental outcome.
Something I learned today?
I learned about an author I’d not heard of before called Fernando Pessoa and a book he wrote The Book of Disquiet. It sounded very intriguing.
What’s your favourite feature on your smartphone?
I guess the camera as I generally use it more often than other generic smartphone things. I barely use the phone anymore to call people. I suppose FaceTime and iMessage are standard features on this phone and they get used daily to video call and text with Amy.
If it came to apps I would go for Day One journal where I’m writing this and Stitcher for listening to podcasts which I do on my drive each day. LINE is probably my most used app as that is what we use for communications in our classes.

I took this picture because here’s the worst camouflage cat you’ll ever see. I think that’s why he doesn’t go outside much and doesn’t often bring us ‘gifts’

Let me know your thoughts

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