Not Fake, Fake – 12th January 2023

A wife beater
A woman hater
A grinning smile
A facade facile
Every inch a man
God his creator
A good woman down
A demonic clown
A greasy spine
A shiny veneer
A bondaged mind
Soon left behind
A final punt
A decade gone
An unbecoming end
Not even a friend

Today I’m feeling:
Tired yet satisfied
Today I’m grateful for:
Pure Bliss Kratom for getting back in touch with me so I can order from them again. I tried to order a couple of weeks ago but they had run out of packaging.
The best thing about today was:
Getting everything together for my work permit and giving it to Nancy. Not as difficult as doing my visa but still used to stress me out. Now it’s become more familiar and feels more comfortable. I was still glad to get this part done though. Next step is to take it to the department of employment and hand over money!
What was out of your control today and how did you handle it?
Two students asked to skip my class today to practice more for sports day. Eventually I said yes but knew that other students would then assume it was ok not to come and sure enough that’s what happened – the usual suspects. Again, it made for a quieter class so that was a benefit. I marked those students absent so they will have to figure out why their grades suck at the end of the semester. Talking with David I can feel he is frustrated by the lack of discipline at the school, not just students but with teachers too. He’s not so comfortable with the lack of structure and I get the feeling he might quit soon. I can definitely feel my attitude has changed since I started teaching and also feel I may not be able to teach anywhere else after this. I mean, I’d have to teach properly!
Something I learned today?
Southampton beat Manchester City 2-0 which was a surprise. That will please my old friends back in Southampton.
What are your two favourite places to be?

  1. Home
  2. Anywhere else
    It’s here or there.
    Do people have favourite places to be? I like to be in the place where I am.
    Maybe I could say this:
  3. Inside the body of a lover.
  4. Inside the mind of a lover.
  5. Standing in front of a maelstrom of music that is blissing me out
  6. Lost in the words of a meaningful story.
    I guess there have been certain places in the world that hold a special meaning but they are not particularly places I would go out of my way to go to again. Certain places that were special because of a romance can never be visited the same with a new romance.
    Maybe I could say
  7. Secondhand book shops and libraries
  8. Secondhand music stores
    Yeah, I think that works.
No special picture taken today. This is one of Rich and Steve at Steve’s wedding that Rich posted online in commemoration of Steve’s passing in late December. Baby faces, amazing to see again.

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