The Black Monk – 5th February 2023

Approaching from the horizon
Shrinking as getting nearer
A cloud-like hallucination
With a face forming clearer
And words whispered soft
Agreeable to the heart
The mirage matters not
As it hastens to depart
Soon a regular visitor
To discuss things of great import
To soothe a troubled soul
Where madness is said to cavort
And to banish the monk black
Is a mistake of pure vanity
As real life makes its attack
Upon one’s prevailing sanity
So despair visits the garden
For one more forming of breath
A reminiscence of loving times
Before submission unto death

inspired by the Anton Chekov short story of the same name

Today I’m feeling:
Happy and run out of energy during the day.
Today I’m grateful for:
The water from the ground that is down there somewhere in the earth and finds its way to the pipes in our house so we can drink wash and feed our garden. I don’t understand how it works and I hope it never stops working!
The best thing about today was:
Riding my pushbike to Utopia and back this morning before it got too hot was a pleasant little exercise that my body and brain enjoyed.
What was out of your control today and how did you handle it?
The only things out of my control today were trivial and inconsequential and were handled by just getting on with it (as my mum would say).
Something I learned today?
From an online video, I learned what to do at Thai police checkpoints. Be calm. Don’t offer money but wait until the police want to deal and then negotiate. The Thai Tourist Police number is 1155. Don’t go to the police station. You are entitled to record the officer’s information and film them inspecting bags.
Reflect on a meaningful experience I had this week.
It has been nice to see the two students I helped get antidepressant medication appear to be improving, at least from what they are telling me. Another one that confides in me though still seems to be struggling. I talk to them when I can but can only help so much.

I took this picture because P’ti fled out the door at Utopia as someone came in to buy coffee. Art caught him and sat him and the bench where P’ti spied on birds in the field like a Kilroy!

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