Making Tracks – 22nd March 2023

When the road is muddy the air is clear
So follows the only road out of here
And when the road is dust the air is thick
Steps are laboured as the cart is sick
Trails are blazed along dotted lines
Paths that were paved in ancient times
Making tracks towards the next fire
Making monuments that will inspire

Today I’m feeling:
Happy enough despite having to be at school. Utilising the time this morning to glue some flashcards for next semester. Messy and mind-numbing but at least not looking at the phone or watching anime as some other teachers are doing.
Today I’m grateful for:
Strawberry season. I know I did this one recently but I just ate a punnet of juicy rippers from the hill tribe lady and her snotty-nosed kid outside 7-11. Delicious.
The best thing about today was:
Finding out what classes I will teach next semester which also includes a new class for me with M4 students (15/16-year-olds) in the hospitality program. Many of the students haven’t studied in English programs so it’s just like teaching elementary level again. It should be fun and at least something new to try.
What was out of your control today and how did you handle it?
I didn’t have any control over where I had to be today which was in the school hall with all the other teachers. In the morning we just heard the directors talking about what we will do but as it was all in Thai there was little for us to do. I had planned for this and brought my components to make flashcards whilst waiting. Not sure what we have to do this afternoon yet but I hope I get more glue time.
Something I learned today?
David laughed when I talked about glue being made from horses (at one time at least) as he didn’t believe me until he looked it up online. He thought he was getting high off the fumes but I didn’t think that they would have glue you could get high on at schools but then, this is Thailand.
What did I learn? I met Indian Paul in the hall and he told me he was upset. He told me how next semester he has been given a co-teacher that he has had problems with before. I laughed and told him this is his reward for being given the teacher of the year award this semester. Sometimes it’s better to keep your head down!
What does contentment mean to me?
Contentment means no stress from difficult people. Stress is ok and people being difficult can be ok too but combined means discontent.

I took this picture because I was watering the jacarandas and turned around to see the dappled sky in the sunset. Home.

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