No Aliens – 25th March 2023

*The era of degenerate freedom is over
We must retrieve the dignity of our race*
There’s something bigger than all of us
That will teach us exactly our place
Our distrust for each other destroys us
And easily manipulated by bad actors
Always a third party invites themselves
Divided we fell when they attacked us
There’s no alien or god to be blamed
Only for ourselves to be ashamed

*Text from, and poem inspired by, Death’s End by Liu Cixin

Today I’m feeling:
Contented, sleepy and positive.
Today I’m grateful for:
My tattooist who gave me a 500 baht discount today. I guess I should probably know her name. I’ll ask next time. Cos there will be a next time!
The best thing about today was:
Getting a new tattoo. Whilst I was in the chair I was closing my eyes and savouring the tickle of the needle and later with the colouring, the pain. I was thinking that as with most things, the anticipation and the journey to the goal are often better than the finish or the result. Now I have this tattoo I will enjoy it of course but I’m already thinking about what might come next. I haven’t done much else today really!
What was out of your control today and how did you handle it?
I arrived at Kanom Tattoo Studio about 20 minutes early for my ten o’clock appointment as the girls prepared the room equipment and artwork. It felt like not long after and I was in the chair getting the outline work done. I’d lost track of time as I closed my eyes and sent myself off on different tangents of thought until my butt got uncomfortable and I would adjust my position whilst trying to keep my right arm still and so on until it was time for a break before colouring. I was shocked to see it was already 1.30. I didn’t really have any other plans for today anyway so I just accepted the situation and when I got home I ate and watched videos and tv until I’m here now in bed past midnight. Tomorrow I have to take Tigger to the vet for one more vaccine but it doesn’t really matter what time so I’m sure to sleep in a bit.
Something I learned today?
When I woke up this morning I could already smell the air pollution from the smoke, even indoors. Outside looked abysmal too but I didn’t think too much about it as it’s kind of expected at this time of year and nothing ever gets done to try and remedy the situation. In the afternoon Amy messaged me that the AQI was over 600! I thought that couldn’t be right. It was around 250 yesterday and today didn’t seem that much worse but I checked the app and sure enough, she was right. This was another reason for not doing much else today – just sitting in the living room with aircon and purifier trying not to develop lung cancer. I have headaches and bloody snot and do not feel 100%.

I took this picture because this is the lovely dog at the tattoo shop. He’s very soft and gentle.

Let me know your thoughts

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