Origami – 6th April 2023

Can we keep this forever?
Hold each other’s hands
Never grow up or grow old
And always understands
Can we never reach the ending?
A story never quite told
A battery of endless energy
Origami that won’t unfold
Can we hold these memories clear?
And never ever forget
It’s too much to say goodbye
I’m just not ready yet

Today I’m feeling:

Exhausted. I couldn’t get anything done today despite planning to. I slept about eight hours, waking up just after 8am. I even did 60 star jumps to get myself going. The day though was looking grim. All that smoke from yesterday had settled in the valley like a nuclear winter, the sky dull and dead. After feeding the cats I fell onto the bed and gave up myself, deciding to sleep again, this time til midday. I forced myself out for coffee but only had the one. I just wasn’t feeling it. Unenthused, I got back in my cave with the purifier and TV and numbed myself back to sleep again, until around 4pm. I’m even looking forward to going to sleep again later. One of my write-off days. 

Today I’m grateful for:

Cap and Tig hanging around me this afternoon, perhaps sensing that something isn’t quite right. Tangmo has been visiting more too. They are trying to fill the hole in my heart.

The best thing about today was:

I guess I did enjoy my dreams as they removed me from reality for a little while.

What was out of your control today and how did you handle it?

A courier kept calling me to talk about a delivery but they couldn’t speak English. I guess through translation they eventually messaged me and I gave them my Google map pin. They won’t deliver until tomorrow though and I think they need a signature so will have to wait for them. I was planning to go get a new driver’s licence, which is what I had planned today too, but looks like will have to be next week now.

I took this picture because yesterday’s fires are today’s nuclear winter.

Let me know your thoughts

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