Teen Queen – 23rd April 2023

When I was a teenage drag queen
And trying to find my way
I always left a big impression
Whatever anyone would say
Dressed to the nines in sequins
With fingernails scrubbed quite clean
Everyone said ‘There he goes’
And they all knew where I had been
A bar full of brutish sailors
Would never give me pause
No matter the unspoken rules
I lived by my own laws

Today I’m feeling:

Pretty good today. It makes a difference being able to see the stupa and the mountains clearly again. 

Today I’m grateful for:

The Air Asia credits that I have from the cancelled flights from 2020 due to the pandemic. That should cover all my flight costs to and from Australia in October.

The best thing about today was:

Finding that roof managed to stay secure with the blocks I put up there yesterday. It survived last night’s storm. Some of our cactuses didn’t though.

What was out of your control today and how did you handle it?

Around 8 pm a bug kept bothering me as I was watching tv. Then Amy called, drunk and happy with friends new and old in Adelaide. I got up as we were talking and realized there wasn’t just one bug but 10s of them and then more and more as I looked around. They were hatching, mating and dying all in about 15 minutes.
Amy was trying to drunkenly talk with me but I had to hang up and deal with this invasion which was soon joined by ants too. I found them around the window frame either trying to get in or trying to get out, it was hard to tell.
I grabbed the ant spray and frantically sprayed around, choking on the fumes. I grabbed the vacuum cleaner and began mopping up the now hundreds of carcasses scattered around the floor. I sprayed perfume and lit candles in an effort to make the air breathable again but now, an hour later, there’s still the acid taste of bug spray in the air. I think I got the most of them but I think there will be more vacuuming required in the morning. Bug attack – first of the season.

Something I learned today?

I feel like I learned a lot of things today but all of them inconsequential. The equivalent of gossip or just information that has no effect on my life. I should focus my attention on things that might be more useful but that also requires more energy.

What is a long-term goal I have for the next 5 or 10 years?

Amy is in Adelaide at the moment visiting Jess after Jess had an operation. Amy is keen to move there sometime in our future. I’m ok with that at some point. Adelaide is relatively quiet but still has nice things around for an old man to enjoy. This can’t happen until both Cap and Tig have gone. Even though I enjoy being here in Thailand I know Amy can never convince herself to stay here and we both would like to be together. My guess is that this plan will likely be in the next five to ten years as I think our cats have another five years in them at least. If I think about it now though I still feel like I only just got here!

I took this picture because this beautiful-looking cactus was another victim of last night’s storm.

Let me know your thoughts

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