Keeping up with tenzenmen – 31st May 2013


So, last financial year tenzenmen made a loss of about $20,000.  I say a loss but that is just in business and financial terms.  Truth be told the correct wording should be that tenzenmen made a $20,000 investment – investment in the music that we love and wish to share.  Obviously this kind of investment is not sustainable so I’m here now asking for your help!  No crowd funding/sourcing type of help, not asking for handouts or donations (though I guess I might one day!).  All you have to do is purchase something!  If you scroll (hell, maybe even read) through to the end of this newsletter there’s a deal there to sweeten things for you!

In the pipeline: Golden Blonde, Ted Danson With Wolves, Kah Roh Shi, SMG/Terlarang split, Bone, Seahorse Divorce, Gravitsapa (from the Ukraine!), Black Wire double album, P.K. 14, Alpine Decline, Maybe Mars back catalogue vinyl releases (!),  Dear Eloise, Rice Corpse, The All Seeing Hand, Dead and more I’m forgetting!

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Seahorse Divorce (album launch)
all shows with Stockades

Friday 21 June – Sun Distortion, Brisbane AA
Saturday 22 June – Blackwire Records, Sydney AA
Sunday 23 June – Yours & Owls, Wollongong AA
Monday 24 June – Potbelly Bar, Canberra 18+
Tuesday 25 June – Evolution Lounge, Mildura 18+
Wednesday 26 June – The Metro, Adelaide 18+
Thursday 27 June – Footscray House Show, Melbourne AA
Friday 28 June – The Reverence, Melbourne 18+
Saturday 29 June – The Grand Poobah, Hobart

23rd Aug 2021 – Most of the items in the pipeline eventuated and I continued losing investing money for a while longer! Actually, even today.

Keeping up with tenzenmen – 16th February 2013

Why are you receiving this email? Probably because you downloaded something free from the tenzenmen bandcamp! Feel free to unsubscribe but please don’t register complaints indicating you were never asked to join this list 🙂

Tough Life
After a six week break around October last year it’s been really tough to get back into the swing of things and it’s only now I’m starting to get back on top of it all. There is a LOT in the pipeline for this year (and as you can see below there’s been quite a few releases already!) so I think this newsletter will probably be quarterly this year to save me a little more time! Keep up with the latest news in all the usual ways – at the website, facebook etc.

Skip Skip Ben Ben – Sacrifice Mountain Hills CD
Out now!
Ben Ben (Boyz & Girl) heads out with her new band, release and familiar dreamy fuzz-pop.

Cartavetro – Here It Comes, Tramontane! LP+CD
Out now!
Italian DIY indie rockers recruited Mike Watt for help on this great slab of vinyl.

Fun – 1/3 7″
Out now!
First of 3 7″s from our fiendish noise rock drinking buddies in Finland.

The Gar – The City of Burning Identities CD
Out now!
The Gar are legends in Beijing and finally produce a new 6 track EP for your listening pleasure.

Chui Wan – White Night CD
Out now!
Experimental psyche rockers from Beijing with their debut release.

Nick Van Breda/zzzounds – Split 7″
Out now!
Two super famous Sydney rockers go acoustic for a clear seven inches. Also available in black.

Noise from China- 2xCD
Out now!
Only the 2nd ever collection of experimental noise from China, compiled by legendary organiser Yan Jun from Subjam.

Dear Eloise – I’ll Be Your Mirror wood backed 7″
This sold out on the day of release but you can still listen and download digital

Daighila/Grinding Halt – Split 7″
Out now!
Malaysian screamo legends Daighila team up with the Netherlands noise monsters Grinding Halt

Birdstriking – CD
Out now!
Debut album from Beijing Indie punks Birdstriking – vinyl soon available thru Anton Newcombe’s A label.

Mr Graceless – The Tree Ever Green CD
Out now!
Dynamic Beijing indie that sold out quickly – now back in stock.

White+ – CD
Out now!
Beijing experimentalists with one of the most appreciated CD releases of 2012 – easily the biggest seller so far!

X is Y – Never Sever/LP CD
Out now!
Double disc from this mathy Shanghai trio – brings to mind Pinback and other Rob Crow genius.

Bamodi – Smell Heaven LP
Out now!
Crazy Japanese influenced Perth punks. FFO: Rudimentary Peni

Quiet Steps – Dying Livers/Secular LP+CD
Out now!
Brisbane’s Quiet Steps come from a long line of Brisbane indie bands wowing Aussie ears over the last 5 years.

Michael Crafter/SMG – split 7″
Out now!
Malaysian grindcore legends meet Aussie semi-legends! Mad thrashing!

Stellarium – CD
Out now!
Debut album from Singapore freak out psychedelic fuzzlords!

Eurpides Berserker – digital discography
Out now!
Made when Dave Drayton (Milhouse, zzzounds etc) was just a baby, banging out ideas quick smart!

Fat City/LuXinPei – Super Split CD
Available now!
Two exciting Chinese experimental groups across 2 discs. FFO: xNOBBQx, Breakdance the Dawn

New photographs
Ted Danson With Wolves at Black Wire
My pictures are pretty much up to date these days!
Check them out and post some comments to let me know what you think.

You can find all my pix here.

Packaging options
Maybe you didn’t know that tenzenmen also stocks Stumptown Arigato packs for CD, tape and 7″!
Plenty of stock available again now!

This month’s special

Hinterlandt – Migration Motion Movement
Get yourself 50% off Hinterlandt’s beautiful CD Migration, Motion, Movement. 3 long pieces that never sit still taking you on the journey of the artist moving from Germany to Australia. Enter the code ‘mmm’ at check out!
Offer valid til 1st April 2013.

Keep up with tenzenmen – 17th September 2012

What is tenzenmen?

About a year ago I asked newsletter subscribers to tell me what they thought defined tenzenmen. I got many nice comments such as these,

“a label with a conscience, bold, supportive of its artists, non-commercial, genuinely interested in having its artist’s music heard, the type of label that puts out music which my friends make…above all, I see tenzenmen as an exploratory label where you bring aural treasures from a variety of places and styles and offer them up – we may not have heard them, but trust you and give them a chance based on the fact that you’ve come up with the goods for us before…” – Maris

“tenzenmen represents the unending pursuit of discovering new, relevant and good music that is generally overlooked by ‘majors’, as it doesn’t fit into their particular ‘sales strategy’. There is nothing like music discovery and labels like tenzenmen consistently bring it” – Justin

It’s very heartening to receive these kind words because I often wonder if people understand what I try and do. The back catalogue is rich and diverse and probably overwhelming to most casual browsers. The reason for this diversity is simply a reflection of my own interests in music that has obviously expanded over the years of my life. I can happily listen to some Chinese neo-folk alongside Malaysian screamo, experimental Aussies and Vietnamese death metal! The key factor is the passion and the creativity that has gone into the production of this art, sometimes in exceptional circumstances. I do understand that not everyone else will have such varied tastes and want to buy their own complete collection of tenzenmen releases. Please, if you have a chance, take a few minutes to check out some other releases on the label that you may not have heard before. Go old school and take a chance just by checking record covers (like flicking thru the vinyl bins) – easily done at the bandcamp index page here.

tenzenmen will continue along its merry way, defiant of success and profit, motivated by the love of our music shared. Thanks for your support.

Advance Warning

tenzenmen will be overseas from the beginning of October until the middle of November so no orders will be able to be shipped during that time. Balls will still be rolling with plenty going on in my absence and a big run-up to the end of the year and no doubt another huge one in 2013!

Whilst I’m away I’m a little disappointed to be missing a show I’m organising on Saturday Oct 13th at Black Wire featuring many good friends including crazy Japanese two-piece Mekare-Kare who will have a split 7″ out on Heartless Robot in time for their full Oz tour. That tour and split 7″ is with Perth gonzo’s Bamodi who will have their LP out on tenzenmen by then too! Listen to the split 7″ tracks here (released by our good Perth buddies at Heartless Robot). Rounding out the show will be the ever wonderful Dead China Doll and ever incredible Making.

Nikko tour dates
20 September The Empress, Melbourne (acoustic)
21 September The Old Bar, Melbourne
22 September The Metro, Adelaide

Bamodi tour dates
7 October The Bakery, Perth
9 October Metro Hotel, Adelaide
10 October Bar Open, Melbourne
11 October Gasometer, Melbourne
13 October Black Wire, Sydney

Keeping up with tenzenmen – 15th August 2012

New titles

Snapline – Future Eyes CD
Out now!
Martin Atkins (PiL/Pigface) produced sophomore album for Snapline

Snapline – Phenomena CD/LP
CD out now!
Snapline’s darker re-imagining of their sophomore recording. Vinyl coming soon.

Make More – Less Deaths digital single
Available now!
Precursor to a full-length vinyl release from these Brisbane favourites.

Automating/Torturing Nurse – Contest to Kill 100 People tape
Out now!
Australia’s Automating offers up drone whilst China’s Torturing Nurse bursts forth with harsh noise in a contest to kill everyone!

Jagernaut/Terlarang – split 7″
Out now!
Two crusty thrashers from Greece and Malaysia and available on 3 different coloured vinyls!

New photographs

IDYLLS at Hamilton Station Hotel
I actually managed to get quite a few new sets up last month!
Check them out and post some comments to let me know what you think.

You can find all my pix here.

Packaging options
Maybe you didn’t know that tenzenmen also stocks Stumptown Arigato packs for CD, tape and 7″!
Stock is getting low so get in quick!

This month’s special

V/A – Give and Take
Get yourself a whopping 80% off the Give & Take compilation from Malaysia – a great and varied mix of alternative music from the heart of South East Asia – I really wish I was going there again this year! Enter the code ‘givetake’ at check out!
Offer valid til 1st September.

Your feedback is always appreciated.

Keeping up with tenzenmen – 4th July 2012

New titles

Duck Fight Goose – Sports CD
Due: July
After their white vinyl 7″ here’s an album full of the wonder of Duck Fight Goose.

Low Wormwood – Lanzhou Lanzhou CD
Due: July
Low Wormwood’s 2nd album for tenzenmen is dedicated to their hometown.

Dear Eloise – Beauty in Strangers CD
Due: Mid July
A more subtle and nuanced outing for their second album on tenzenmen.

Boyz & Girl – CD
Due: July
Taiwan’s Boyz & Girl bring you their noisy shoegaze psychedelia.

Xiao He – Silly’s Ballad artbook with built in mp3 player
Due: July
The extra special Xiao He makes 100TZM extra special with this beautiful book containing audio and video!

Various Artists – Give & Take CD
Due: July
Co-operative release of 22 Malaysian punk and hardcore bands.

New photographs

Zita Grimm at Black Wire

As mentioned last month, I’m a little slow at editing the pictures I take but I had to get a recent batch out whilst they were hot as I had such a great time at this particular show which was to say Bon Voyage to Mitzi (Zita Grimm, Thylacine, Bare Arms) as she heads over to Europe to get some culture.
Check them out and post some comments to let me know what you think.

You can find all my pix here.

Packaging options

Maybe you didn’t know that tenzenmen also stocks Stumptown Arigato packs for CD, tape and 7″!

This month’s special

Scul Hazzards – Landlord
Get yourself the 45% off the SCUL HAZZARDs ‘Landlord’ CD by entering the code ‘scazzards’ at check out!
Offer valid til 20th July.

It’s pretty crazy this month at tenzenmen – there’s probably a few other releases making their way into the catalogue too so check back often!

Vote for your favourite release for the first half of the year here at the tenzenmen facebook page and add your voice to the conversation – your feedback is always appreciated.

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nikko shows for ‘gold & red’ album release
sunken seas – paid your price video

Mere Women tour dates
07 July Gasometer MELBOURNE
08 July Ritual Records MELBOURNE
12 July Terrace Bar NEWCASTLE
21 July The Waiting Room BRISBANE
26 July FBI social SYDNEY
11 Aug Yours and Owls WOLLONGONG

Idylls tour dates
07 July Crown & Anchor ADELAIDE
08 July Squatter’s Arms ADELAIDE

Hira Hira tour dates
20 July The Square, Haymarket, SYDNEY
4 August Venue TBC, MELBOURNE
5 August Venue TBC, MELBOURNE
11 August Yours & Owls, WOLLONGONG

Nikko tour dates
6 July Turbine Platform, Brisbane Powerhouse (6pm start)
7 July In-store at The Time Machine, Nambour (midday)
13 July Turbine Platform, Brisbane Powerhouse (6pm start)
14 July Waxing Lyrical, Brisbane Powerhouse (acoustic)
20 July Turbine Platform, Brisbane Powerhouse (6pm start)
21 July In-store at Tyms Guitars, Brisbane (afternoon)
27 July Turbine Platform, Brisbane Powerhouse (6pm start)
6 September The Phoenix, Canberra
7 September The Lass O’Gowrie, Newcastle
8 September FBi Social, Sydney
20 September The Empress, Melbourne (acoustic)
21 September The Old Bar, Melbourne
22 September The Metro, Adelaide

Keeping up with tenzenmen – 12th June 2012

New titles

Mere Women – Old Life LP
Due: Late June
After a 2 track 12” release and lots of valuable support shows Mere Women release their debut LP, Old Life.

Idylls – Farewell All Joy LP
Due: Late June
Idylls devastating debut LP Farewell All Joy will come in a selection of coloured vinyls.

Nikko – Gold & Red CD/Double LP
Due: Late June & July
Nikko’s sophomore LP Gold & Red will initially come on CD and later on Gold & Red double vinyl!

Hira Hira – Now Here Nowhere LP
Due: Late June
Life is hard for Hira Hira and they certainly let you know about it on their debut LP Now Here Nowhere.

Sunken Seas – Null Hour digital
Due: Late June
Big noise from New Zealand with Sunken Seas album Null Hour available via your favourite digital channels.

Little Shadow – Possessions CD
Out now!
Brisbane’s Little Shadow quietly drop their corker debut album Possessions.

New photographs

Mere Women at Black Wire
You may or may not know that tenzenmen is too old to jump around and get too crazy at shows these days, instead concentrating on capturing the moment with photographs. There’s a huge backlog of pictures to be processed, hence the latest photos posted are now over one year old.
These are of Sweet Teeth, Kasha and Mere Women and taken at Black Wire Records – let me know what you think? I’m slowly improving.
You can find all my pix here.

This month’s special

You didn’t see the Discover China CD packs special already? 6 CDs for $20 or 10 CDs for $30!

What? You want more?

How about the El Eje Del Mal/Inquiry Last Scenery split 7″ for just $5 plus shipping?


OK – been thinking about that god bows to math CD but $9 is just too damn much to pay? Enter the code “minutemen” on checkout to receive a 15% discount! Valid until June 20th!

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  • Discover China CD packs at tenzenmen
  • Videos for upcoming releases at tenzenmen
  • Daighila interview (Malyasian hardcore punk)

8th Sept 2021 – Having discovered Mail Chimp for newsletters and press releases I kicked off what I hoped would be a monthly update with what was going on with tenzenmen. It was a good time and a bad time! I got so busy that I didn’t have time to do more than six, up until mid-2013, and because I was so busy it would have been the best time to do a newsletter like this! Trying to keep up with Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp and whatever else to try and promote what I was doing was a whole other job that was way less fun than just enjoying music!

Yes I’m Leaving – Nothing – 20th January 2012

Cat # 087TZM

Yes I’m Leaving is a three piece rock band hailing from Sydney. Influenced by grunge, post punk, hardcore and shoegaze. They have a strong DIY mentality, which showed through on their first self titled release, with their follow up album ‘Nothing’, sharing the same ethos. 

“Nothing” Yes I’m Leaving’s second album was recorded in 3 hours at Keynote Rehearsal studios in Homebush West, near where the Olympics was all those years ago. A big room was miked up in a simple way with baffling used to distract from the sonic vibrations of the s/t session. To be honest I can’t remember anything after I got the levels ‘safe’. 

The songs are sludgy and full of uncompromising lurching riffage with neojungalistic drum bass rhythmic patterns overlayed with howling and screaming vocal mantras. Say that five times fast! 

Everything was live and we charged through 12 songs perhaps with a sense of care as we kept a few alternate takes in the end. The mixing took a long time as it was an overloading experience to put a ‘the end’ sign on a song as passages were aurally exhaustive which is, in the end, why they are so accurate to the sounds of the day. 

‘Nothing” is a manic depressive exploding catharsis record. Either/neither insincere or tongue in cheek, full of psychadelia, possessed sludge or something else beyond the pigeon hole. The vinyl reissue comes with a new screenprint and insert, on weird random coloured vinyl.