Poems on this day – 21st October 1988

Waiting For You

Just waiting for you to call
I didn’t have to wait at all        
But something said I should hang on     
Now I hope you don’t prove me wrong

Coming Down

Coming down off the ecstasy
Just plain torture and agony     
Leslie Crowther once said to me           
Come on down and be happy   
But all the money in the whole wide world         
Won’t change a thing

Reasonably Pissed A.M.

Hair of the dog
Half-past ten
Reasonably pissed a.m.           
Sat on the bog           
Here we go again       
Reasonably pissed a.m.           
Midday sun arises      
Been up since god knows when            
My memory’s really fading man           
Reasonably something then

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